[Suggestion] UI Changes / UI Modding

  • hotkeys ftw, so there is no reason to press the "screen buttons" and run in wrong directions...

    i don't like fiskers UI example. looks like wannabe diablo / any other hotbar mmorpg....
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  • Amon wrote:

    well, on runescape I would click the minimap to move around. I cant do that in Albion. Most of the times I do just keep pressing to walk but its not always the case

    This. Moving by clicking on map would be really nice addition, even if restricted to roads only. Hell, restricting it that way would kinda balance it.

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  • I think it's very important that people be allowed to customize their UI. Honestly from looking at videos and screenshots I really don't like how large item slots are in the inventory, etc. I enjoy being able to customize my UI in MMOs and make it more minimal.
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  • I agree with this, in my opinion this game needs a much cleaner interface for PC gamers, borderless icons and the skill bar with health bar at the bottom seems like a great idea, makes it easy to see your health and cooldowns while not move away much the view of the center of your screen. Obviously the bottom is closer to the center than the right side.

    Overall clean interface will allow you to focus more on the massive fights without many icons around the screen, optimize the vision of the game.

    Should add some additional icons to Fisker design, food and potions, but is very similar to the idea I had in my head +1 Fisker

    But the current interface settings also seems comfortable for tablet users

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  • Hi guys!
    I'm new to this forum so I'm not sure was the idea of allowing mods confirmed or denied. The way that mods extended UI in games such as World of Warcraft and others is just beyond the grasp of any developer.
    Current UI is great when I play on the mobile or TV doing some simple tasks, but when I play on PC it definitely needs revamp. First and for most - UI scale. Bags and chests are just pain in the ass to go through.
    Regarding mocup with all the respect, Im not the biggest fan of it. Albion is very nicely stylized game, it needs nicely stylized UI not just squares, but I understand that author meant to show functionality not a design. To be honest, name plates are not visible at all for my taste (imagine big battle), and that's why modding would be so great for this tittle. Anyway whole UI reminds me too much other tittles such as Guild Wars, and I would really love it to be more unique in a way, at least visually...
    Love the idea of bigger capital letter, it's so much easier to find a nickname of a friend just by quick glance over letter looking for this one specific letter. The idea is brilliant.

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