Galahad Beta Feedback

  • Galahad Beta Feedback


    I have casually played all Beta stages and figured I would share my feedback of the latest release. Please keep in mind my experience is pretty much entirely from black zones as a casual player, shortly after hitting tier three I left Royal to the dangerous black land.

    • Mini Skill Ups Between Tiers of Gear - I love this it makes me feel like I am progressing each time I play instead of grinding for an hour or two and feeling like I didn't make any progress.
    • Instanced Dungeons - I love these (although I only used it once), my friends that are new to the game have been able to learn through these instances and once you get better at the game you will quickly realize that it is far more profitable to be out in black zones then in expeditions.
    • New Biomes and Maps - I Love these! The game feels so much more immersive and I have a much larger range of creatures to interact with, keeps the game entertaining for longer periods.
    • New Skills and Progress Board - I really like the all the new skills added to the game and the layout of the progression board, I feel like the game has become slightly more skill based in this iteration which makes me feel like I have a larger impact whether it be positive or negative based off my decisions.
    • No Quick Cast - Has anyone ever played League of Legends and used the setting where when you hit the hotkey the skill automatically fires at the mouse location, in the mouse direction, or on the target the mouse is over? I would love this in Albion, I understand with some skills it would not work on tablet but with a lot of directional skills it still could, and this would make playing on a computer far more natural and enjoyable.
    • Buggy Movement in Combat - Sometimes when I use a skill in combat after hitting the hotkey, when I click to use the ability my player moves to the location instead of firing the ability or he does this weird thing where he moves and uses the ability it sucks when this happens really annoying.
    • New Skills and Progress Board - While I like that players can be rewarded by grinding up to higher tiers with new skills, it still kind of stinks that many skills players are blocked from using until much later in the game.

    • No Tier 2 Resources in Outlands/Blacklands Whatever its called - Damn dudes don't make me travel back there for T2 Resources I never want to go back to shit fame and silver rates.

    TLDR: Great work, I love the new update! :thumbsup:

    P.S. Don't be afraid of Black Zones, I play almost entirely solo out there doing dungeons, random mob spawns, etc. and have only died once or twice to PVP encounters. The thrill of death keeps the game enjoyable.
  • Quickcast can be dangerous. You can missclick an aoe spell while in dungeon = instant chaos.

    There s a RTS mouse option. This prevents move while you want cast a spell clicking ground. When RTS mod on you only can move right click.

    Purpose of no t2 resources in outlands, you have to carry t2 mats by own long risky road trip or buy from market. So ppl can make profit by carrying mats and so outlands wont be disconnected from Royal islands.