Keyboard glitch after inviting someone

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  • Keyboard glitch after inviting someone

    1. Summary line
    • So, its gonna be hard to explain since the glitch is weird. SOMETIMES when you invite someone using the + button , (you enter the name then press ok) right after your keyboard wont work well. like you cant use spell dismount or mount. The ENTER key still work as well as some oother buttons.
    2. The Actual Result (A description of what happened; the problem. Be as detailed as possiblek, please.)
    • I invite my friend SuperPepito , pressed OK. then i was Unable to use the key for Mounting or dismounting , as well as the spell. ( you have to close the game and comeback for it to work again ) my friend tried to and it happened to him to like twice yesterday. it only do it like sometime not all the time and not to every player.
    3. The Expected Result (What you thought should happen instead of the problem)

    • that we can invite people using the + feature and still be able to use the keyboard right after.

    4. Steps to Replicate (How someone else can make the problem happen too. This is very helpful for us so we know what steps you took to make the issue appear)

    • Press + type a name. press ok. sometimes it work sometime it doesnt , and its not happening to everyone.
    5. Pictures and/or Video (If you think it could help please attach a screenshot or a youtube video of the problem)

    [list]if you cant understand i will records my hands doin it xD ;) [/list]
  • There is a known bug with the invitation ui (e.g. for guild/party). if you type a name and press "Enter" to submit your invitation (instead of clicking "OK") the keyboard gets disabled for people that have window animations disabled in the options. This will be fixed in an upcoming patch.
    A workaround for now is to click in the chat window, this re-enables the keyboard.

    I could not reproduce this error with pressing the "OK" button though.
  • Could have something to do with the chat bug that blocks your keyboard commands completely.

    Whenever you play around with the chat box and click away its possible that the game won't allow you to cast any spells or use your keyboard in anyway, as the commands are going to the chat window even tho its not even there. Then you need to re-open the chat window write something and send it to get your keyboard working again in game.

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