Current Reputation system = No red zone PVP

  • Current Reputation system = No red zone PVP

    Fisrt sorry for my bad English

    This current Rep. system heve to much disadvantage for Casuals player who looking for some PVP on red zones.
    I know , thiefs have to be punished , but become infamous for kill 2 people is to much.
    Albion is a game where PVP is a stronge feature , and the PVP on red zones Drastically dropped down, i see zergs ignoring other zergs, cause no one want become unable to enter in city for hours or days.

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  • Here is the issue in Albion regarding PvP:

    • In General, Players looking for PvP Roam around in groups (It isn't easy to kill someone solo, since it is so easy to run away)
    • In General, Players gathering run around Solo.
    • PvP Players kill everyone they can (Including Gatherers)
    • Gatherers that died usually do not equip PvP Gear and go back for revenge.

    How PvP works in other good PvP Games:
    Situation 1: (Everyday PvP)
    • Player/Group 1 is hunting/gathering:
    • Player/Group 2 enters Player/Group 1s hunting/gathering area and steals Player/Group 1's resources, fame, silver by killing/gathering in his claimed area.
    • Player/Group 1 attacks Player/Group 2 to force him/them to leave the area.
    • Albion Equivalent: After repeated encounters Player/Group 1 can no longer enter town to use the market, and is flagged a criminal. Also, if in a yellow area, Players marked as criminals will be killed so often and so much that it will be hard to travel. Yellow areas have 40-80 players running around, and attacking a Red Criminal Player is "free silver and free fun".
    Situation 2: (Looking for a Fight)
    • Group 1 Roams around the Red/Black zone looking for a fight, killing any player they see.
    • Group 2 appears and fights Group 1.
    • Both teams fight until they run out of resources that they are willing to waste.
    • Albion Equivalent: Group 1 kills random solo players for hours looking for a fight. If another Group Appears, it will be a TON of fun, but usually very short, as players who die often "give up" and refuse to come back, due to the high cost of PvP in Albion.
    Situation 3: (Claiming a Rare Event)
    • Rare event with good loot happens in the game.
    • Group 1 rushes to be the first to the location of the Rare Event.
    • Group 1 attempts to quickly finish the event to claim the prize for themselves.
    • Group 2 arrives to steal the event from Group 1.
    • Both teams fight until the event is collected by one of the 2 teams.
    • Albion Equivalent: I guess chests, castles, fortresses, and resource areas are supposed to be like this. But I but honestly don't see much reason to go to these areas. There are no "Rare Loots' That are worth fighting for in Albion in my opinion. If they had random Enchanted Events, where you could get large amounts of Enchanted Materials over a long period of time (at least an hour) then it would give players time to arrive and fight over the resources in that area. Imagine a Territory on the map becoming "Enchanted" and everyone in the game can easily see it. The amount of PvP in that area would be INSANE. But there just currently aren't many good things to fight over in Albion.
  • This issue doesn't need to be so complicated.

    The reputation system punishes everyone for flagging up for PVP. The very act of engaging in PVP is discouraged.

    How can there be consensual PVP when one party has to be the 'bad guy'? It makes zero sense. The system is inherently broken. If you do have the balls to flag up, you are faced with massive penalties and unable to un-flag for FIFTEEN MINUTES. Try to be an "honorable solo PVPer" and see how fast you get killed and placed on a 24hour timeout for being bad.
  • 250k fame, about to tier 5 second weapon set, could lp purchase t5 on 4 tool sets, living out of red zone city caerleon....ZERO PVP DEATHS, ZERO PVP KILLS, ZERO PVP FAME. Thinking about not logging in again.

    Same for everyone in the either flag red and have 20 people chase you in circles like a bendy hill skit on invulnerable horses....or you chase a group of red with 20 people around trying to dismount them with their invulnerable horses. Repeat for 1 hour and log off bored. There are waaaay to many ways to avoid PVP in this game, yet PVP is literally the only play worthy feature the game has.
  • Well it is fun to some people, but I barely ever do it since it block us from going into cities. The reputation system should provide no penalties whatever way you're choosing, and provide bonus for both of them. 10% resistance for 20k rep and maybe 10% damages for -20k. Also red zones shouldn't really give penalties when flagged. That's the point of them. Blue and yellow are for people who want to play free of risk and red zone are for risk taker and banditos :3
    Biwar of da dolan who hsa notin to lose !
  • Nothing is wrong with the current system - its the same as in EVE ONLINE (which is pretty much a copy of this game with a few tweaks) and the PVP system has worked there for over 12 years...

    You just need to learn and understand the system and know that this game (and the PVP system) is amazing and is not your casual "theme park MMO" that holds your hand...

    That said...

    If you want to PVP you can do so in:

    1) RED zones - but be prepared to go negative rep and never go to cities... you will need alts or friends - to feed you gear (this is how EVE works)
    2) Black zones - where you can go and PVP any time or all the time casually or not and not lose any rep (this is how EVE works).

    The whole game works around he concept of Risk-vs-Reward, where going in Black zones you risk less via rep loss, but risk more via zergs/being farther from cities... In Red zones you are closer to cities - and have more noobs (or more disorganized victims to prey on) - so that is your reward and the balancing risk that you take is getting negative rep...

    Everything is Risk-vs-Reward...

    Long live EVE Online! :)
  • ThatWhichHasNoLife wrote:

    kemikli wrote:

    Can someone tell me why you refuse go to outlands where you can pvp open world with no penality?
    I think it's generally because people aren't part of one of the well-organized mega-guilds that tend to control the outlands. They want to engage in small-scale PvP from time to time, but don't want to be constantly steam-rolled while doing so.
    Red zone without penality = Black zone, there is no difference. If there s no rep system, ppl roam with zergs in Red zones too. We can try this easyly, lets open some Red zones in outlands and see whats happens.