Gathering speed modifier

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  • Dagother wrote:

    Ok so you get gathering speed bonus only from gathering masteries, gatherer's gear don't have any gathering speed stats, but gathering yield. This gathering speed modifier doesn't show your gathering speed as each resource/tool have its own gathering speed = the stat on character sheet is unnecessary.
    What do you mean by gathering yield bonus ? (sorry my english is not good enough lol)
    For exemple when I have 3 x 10 charges active, and I mine Ore, what will change if i'm wearing the gear or if i'm not.
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  • Gathering yield:
    First you sum up all gathering yield bonuses you have (masteries, gear and food). This value determines your chance to gather more resources on each gather action.
    Let's say you have 15% gathering yield bonus. You start gathering T3 ore which normally returns 3 ore per action. Now you have a 15 percent chance to gather another 3 ore per action.

    Gathering speed:
    To my knowledge gathering speed is only modified by the tier of your gathering tool, the number of masteries you unlocked and a spell on the gatherer armors (with the exception of the hide armor).
  • By the way, the way gathering yield works has been changed. Now the bonus is applied every time.
    So say you have 50% gathering yield bonus and you gather 2 wood you get one additional wood. If you gather 3 wood you get 1 extra and every other gather action 2 extra wood.

    The result is the same as with the old mechanic but instead of big chunks of resources at a time it is more spread out now and closer to the description of the bonus.

    Have fun at launch!