Everybody...... Breath.

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  • Everybody...... Breath.

    Alrighty guys, so the servers are a little rough right now. As this does totally suck, because we all want to play, it is to be expected. The previous wipes and beta's, although long and arduous, were for gameplay improvements and major changes to how the game works. What we are experiencing now is VERY NORMAL towards the end of development.

    With the Hype Train primed and ready to leave station, more and more people are going to get on. If anything, this whole nonsense should come across as a good thing. It means people are playing, and not just people, NEW people. The servers have handled us same players coming back every wipe, with small influxes around the first couple days. I don't know how many wipes everyone has been apart of but this is by far the worst the servers have been. WHICH IS EXCITING 8o 8o . Be patient.

    Bercilak just stated we will be receiving a hotfix for the serves tomorrow morning during server maintanence. The team is aware of the problem, and I'm sure they're busting their asses to fix it. And when it is fixed, we will have a more populated game then we have ever had. So lets try not to scare off all the NEW players who just joined Albion. All they know, as of today, is server issues. If we continue to act like it's the end of the world, it may very well be for these new players. I like you guys, but I know I'd love some fresh blood.

    To close. All this nonsense is actually a good thing guys. Be patient. We are very very close to release. Once we iron the sheets it's smooth sailin' boys.

    Jimeh OUT!