Guild steward

  • Guild steward

    Does this dialog seem familiar to you?

    Hey Jack, how are you doing?
    - Great, playing this awesome game, AlbionOnline
    Really, what's it like?
    - It's Grrrreat. I log in in the morning, and for 8-12 hours all I do is take materials from people, move them to chests, take them out and give them to other people. Sometimes, when new chests/demands come in, I spend hours reorganizing chests and guild halls. It's a deeply fun and satisfying game play. I haven't left the guild territory in ... ever. Oh, and you want to know the best thing about it? If I'm not online, it's the apocalypse: people's heads blow up, cities are lost, territories are taken.
    Why would you do that to yourself, Jack?
    - Well, of my recent predecessors, one is in an alcohol induced comma and another is in the looney bin. Somebody has to do it.
    But why you Jack, how long do you think you can last?
    - As long as I have to.... as long as I can ... *starts sobbing inconsolably*

    Have pity on Jack and get yourself the new Guild Steward!
    It's an guild hall NPC available from a T6 guild hall and up, online 24/7. You hire him with a weekly gold cost and he does all the heavy lifting... literally. Capacity defined by Guild hall tier and chests.

    - drop donations on the guy. It's easy, anyone can do it. Some guild roles have rights to pick up donations. He stores items automatically in the available chests
    - assign gear and materials for someone else to pick up - you know, give these worn panties to Bob, cause he's a weirdo; give these noodles to the GVG team, prepare some wood for July because... anyways. No more rummaging through endless rows of chests, the Steward will provide.

    Save a life, build a Steward!