Knockdown mechanic change

  • Knockdown mechanic change

    overall i think most people are used to the current knockdown mechanic, but the mechanic works different in Albion than many other games.

    if you think of many games that have a "down/incapacitation " mechanic (like L4D, gears of war, ect) where once "down" you have a timer to be revived/brought up or you will die while, in albion we have a mechanic where once "down" you will get up on your own unless executed.

    i think executing mobs(instead of execute) and PvP kills should have this altered form of knockdown put in, while non executing mobs and non lethal combat can retain the current mechanic. it would make revive staffs more relevant and would make revive potions more important. it would also allow you to kill people that are in location you can attack from range, but are not able to approach in melee range. i also think it would add a better mechanic to group PvP fights - after a trade do you push advantage, or hang back and try to revive friendlies which takes time and in effect takes out 2 people at once(the down person, and the reviving person).

    the execute mechanic could still be left in, but times for revive pots/executes could probably use some changes- longer for both.