Warbow's Mastery

  • Warbow's Mastery

    Please give back Poisoned Arrow to Lvl 1 skill, and why Speed Shot is unlocked at Lvl 70 Mastery? I'll need to reach tier 7 to use speed shot?
    Please no.

    Another thing about bow/warbow's is the problem that when we use the Split shot or another skill, the character moves. It would be nice a option for the mouse like the RTS-like control BUT my problem with that option is that when I click the right button mouse, It attacks mobs/players and with the Classic control I dont have this problem.
    I want a option that i can use the left click to attack/use something/spells/skills and the right click just to move around (on last beta i was using the RTS and clicked on the guard by accident and got killed, with the classic control i dont have this problem cause the right click just MOVES)

    Sorry for my bad English

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  • I agree it does stink not having poison shot early but it does make more sense how it is set up. They want the better abilities later so you have to work torwards something. Also it appears that the more pve oriented abilities are at the beginning which makes the most sense also as you will be starting doing more pve and as you progress you'll unlock your better pvp abilities. I agree with the whole moving when u click to shoot on the skill shots which is annoying. They need smart casting, however you can click behind yourself immediately to prevent yourself from taking a step forward. It just takes some practice, annoying yes and needs fixed but not game breaking and hopefully can be corrected in the future!