Galahad - Weight Percentages (Mounted/Unmounted)

  • Galahad - Weight Percentages (Mounted/Unmounted)

    I'm not sure if this is exclusive to Galahad, but I've never experienced it in Final Beta. My character/inventory weight does not stay consistent when mounted, dismounted, walking, or riding. If I'm gathering whilst using a horse, I hop off, decide to fight a mob and go out of "Mount AoE range", my weight will switch back to normal (as it should). When I'm done with the fight, I gather my leather or whatever from the mob, mount up, and the percentage in the upper-right corner still shows my character weight. If I go to inventory screen, the "anvil weight" shows the lower, correct percentage for the mount. I've had this happen with the Ox and with the horse. I'm not sure if the developers were trying to show "Total real weight" alongside the "Reduced Mounted Weight" or something like that (which would actually be a good idea for PvP purposes, it's hard to remember if you are overweight when riding a mount).

    Either way, I'm not sure how to express this further and I'm sure I'm not the only one reporting it. If you need more information, please ask me and I can perform additional testing or problem recreation with screen shots.

    Loving the update so far, can't wait for wipe, you guys are making a GREAT GAME!!! Ignore all the haters and impatient kids, your true player-base is eagerly awaiting.
  • Dagother wrote:

    Hi there! It's a known issue and will be fixed soon. ^^

    EDIT: I'll check what's the design later and keep you updated.
    Thanks! I figured it was already known, just trying to separate issues for tracking... I've been in I.T. for a long time and incident reporting is always a pain. Keep up the good work! I think an "Actual carry weight" / "Mounted Weight" would be easy and helpful to implement. Weight is measured by integers for gear, yet represented by percentages which are hard to translate into real numbers again. I'm OK with the weight system, just saying it might be nice to see both values concurrently.