Metal armor

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    • Yeah, as the tittle shows i think using metal armor is a bit useless atm.(great for pve perhaps)

      As metal armor wearer you might get that bulky that noone wanna hit you in group pvp. But it does not matter, because as it is right now, unless you use and arcane staff thats soon to be nerfed(again), you're pretty much doing nothing.

      I use hammer together with my metal armor. I can stun, I can snare, but I can only use my stun twice, then im out of energy and the enemy kite me around the battlefield and we doesnt do shit.(I am currently using eye of secrets. Makes me able to stun 3 times before im out)

      My suggestion to this is to look at how they handle tanks in moba games. We shouldnt have limits to our energy. And we should have low dmg, but enough to help the dps take down a player.(I think heavy cleave is a perfect tank ability, thank you for that SI) But the boon tanks should bring on the battlefield is great CC and we should be able to utilize it very for longer than 30 sec into the fight which might last for 5-10 mins.

      My suggestion is to keep energy regen equal for every armortype. And give Metal armor wearers CC bonus.

      I know SI is looking over Metal armor atm, this is just my suggestion.