The Second Shadow Lord Chose This Moment

    • The Second Shadow Lord Chose This Moment

      It is now that the second shadow lord makes his move.

      With the arrival of the new Albion world near.. he saw his chance and took it.

      He has his plans ready to spread his evil once again.

      The second Shadow Lord will once again shape-shift into a character that will spread nothing but despair and destruction.

      There is no need to say that domination is still his aim. The word domination is center in his new plots. Be warned..
    • It is accurate to call the second Shadow Lord a puppet master from this moment on.

      He has given himself access to tools, that give him many options to manipulate, to plot, to do evil.

      His eyes watch over battles raging all over the Albion world map. And his hand is getting more and more influential in events on the battlefield.

      One should flee while one still can.. it is strongly advised.

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