Server issues

  • Server issues

    While I don't mind and like that SBI does daily reboots, what the actual fuck did you do tonight?

    1:40 PDT u shut the game down, aight that's cool, you gave us a 5 minute warning.

    Then you give us a 4 minute warning, and in less then 1 minute after that you gkick everyone.....What the fuck yo.. Do you even factor people are playing and actively doing pve, pvp, or in places where they will loss there shit by logging in, while in a bad spot trying to get in somewhere its alright to auto-login at xD

    Not salty, but lmao when u say 4 minutes don't bullshit us when we expect you really mean 4 minutes yo this is beta and everything's Yolo post release (if u ever get to that point) this shit would be not acceptable <3333

    release the game already ffs :)