Balancing Magma Sphere with visualization.

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    • Balancing Magma Sphere with visualization.

      Wildfire Staff is one of the most popular weapons in GvG.
      It feels imbalanced, but i believe, it's not.
      It's noob-killing weapon, when tactic is build around sphere.
      If you hit targets - continue and score kills.
      If you did not - retreat and repeat.

      You can notice, Wildfire is casting MS only by tiny cast bar icon.
      Need to improve notification with visualization.
      Big Bada Boom incoming should not be animated similarly to casual Fire Bolt.
      At first, while mage casting Magma Sphere, display further trajectory as polygon on the ground as animation placeholder.
      Later replace it with some cool animation, like wind of fire from direction of hit, collapsing in front of mage to conjure into Big Bada Boom Spell, you badly don't want to be hit by.