Big and Small Game Ideas.

  • Big and Small Game Ideas.

    Hey, everybody! I feel like this is a pretty long list and it might be a little painful to read through since English isn't my first language also please keep in mind that this was written in quite a hurry and didn't have time to read it through, so some larger mistakes might be in there. I hope nonetheless you'll enjoy it and maybe you even find some ideas you like!

    To be honest, I don't expect any of these things to be taken seriously, by the developers, since the game is in its final beta and therefore implementing things at this point would probably take a huge effort. Because of this, I would like to just invite everyone to come up with pros and cons about what I wrote and maybe the Devs could get inspired to implement some thing in the future. If you have an idea lists like mine, then I urge you to make a post yourself. Be mindful about what you write so we can have an organized discussion and so things doesn't get too messed up.

    If you do write a list pm me with a link, I would love to read it and give my feedback and positive criticism. But again let us do it in another post :D

    Albion game ideas:
    • Mount follow button - simple as that.
    I think the mount follow button would help gatherers a lot. Currently you sometimes have small gaps where you need to go back to the mount to ride it 1 meter to be able to gather resources. So having a follow button for the mount would in my opinion be a nice quality of life improvement!

    • War games
    Games of War, competitions of different kinds issued by the king on set days of the week for all guilds to compete. (Would this need a ranking system? No. Not in the small leagues)
    Guild games, War games but set up as competitions between friendly guilds to determine the strength or just for sheer fun! With possible rewards of course!
    - This is a work in progress. I might add my suggestions to different kind of war games in the future but currently I do not have a lot of time and rarely access to a computer due to living in a forest in Sweden.
    Do write if you would like more on this subject though I do have a some ideas.

    • Questing for customization!
    Unlocked abilities, quests of sorts rewarding abilities/buffs for certain kind of abilities/personal spells/abilities. (I love the way Albion is currently handling spells and abilities, but what if?)
    With the current handling of abilities, you are what you wear, literally. Now I'm a BIG! Fan of customization and, bite me, if some you guys out there doesn't love it too!?
    Now I go from game to game MISSING, MISSING I TELL YOU, the feeling that my mage has studied the long lost race that first created magic and finally unearthed a forgotten spell maybe even together with friends!! Now, of course, this could only be accomplished through quest lines and the Archeologist guild who helped you decipher their language.
    My healer as ventured into the wilds and gained the trust of the Druids to study their knowledge of nature, and it's life magic.
    The warrior that I'm maining, has brawled with the Blood ogre clan to gain their respect which makes him able to either gain entrance into their sacred rituals of blood siphoning or their advanced teachings of strengthening to be body making them able to jump large distances even in the heaviest armor.
    These are all things that mark the progress and the individualization of our characters that I'm so dearly missing. The abilities don't have to be overpowered. Essentially it could just be permanent abilities like a charge, a life leech strike or a stun which other weapons already have but having them as a permanent from something your character has learned in his life makes it even more possible to suit your character even more to your liking!
    The possibilities with quests lines or reputation with a faction giving characters different abilities are limitless and in my opinion silly that no game developer has really taken this up yet.

    • Uncharted territories!
    Unknown land never set foot on by any man! No laws, no justice but brimming with always new adventure! My idea was that this could be an area not on the map since nobody had mapped it yet. A forest so dense or magical that you would get lost in every time you were there and therefore only needed an entrance on the map and no actual visible area or knowledge about where you were. You would be able to get out through Portals throughout the forest that has a chance to spawn on each map. This way it would be a gamble to progress further into the forest or to teleport out with the loot found inside the forest.
    • The Forest (Not the game :D )
    Imagine this as a kind of an endless dungeon “randomly” generated dungeon where people would venture to try their luck at finding lost ruins or exotic magical creatures for special loot and goodies! A possibility would be to make this a T4+ PvE zone.
    The only way out was through Portals scattered throughout the forest that has a chance to spawn on each map. This way it would be a gamble to progress further into the forest for better gear but increasingly stronger monsters or to teleport out with your current loot.
    • Hunting for fame! (Possible war game)(Possibly in the forest/Side quest)
    How would you like the idea of hunting down the biggest and strongest creatures you can find and put it on display on your guild island for fame and recognition from the king, now, of course, you wouldn't be the only guild hunting for the monster but beating your nemesis guild to it just makes it so much more satisfying!

    • Enemies, like the jogger, or just harder mechanics!
    Making monsters like a jogger suddenly appears out of nowhere, dragging a teammate towards the nearest abyss and inevitably into their certain death, I love it!What I’m trying to say is your monsters are boring and could really use some improvements.Another example is just harder monsters. Monsters that needs to get hit in certain places/countered with specific spells or ranged monsters retreating trying to make other monsters tank.Anything in general that makes encounters more challenging.
    • Including in this, I will try to make a post where people could write a few lines about their favorite kind of monster and monster mechanics for more juicy Dev inspiration!!
    (Edit) Link the the monster post here…er-and-Monster-Mechanics/

    The End, Phew! Thanks a lot if you read this far or only part of my list. I hope i inspired you to write down your own ideas or add to mine. If there were things in the text you didn't quite understand or could be explained more thoroughly then please point it out in a comment bellow!
    I do enjoy constructive criticism this way we expand on our ideas so please feel welcome to give feedback or start a discussion <3

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