Mercenary Shoes (hunter tree) - is - underpowered

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    • Mercenary Shoes (hunter tree) - is - underpowered

      SUBJECT/HEADER: Mercenary Shoes (hunter tree) - is - underpowered

      SHORT DESCRIPTION: channelling invisibility - no one is using this shoes, for the reasons, read ARGUMENTATION

      URGENCY: not urgen, since it's a forgotten items, this fix is more like than bring an item back because literally no one is using it, so it need to be reworked or removed.

      ARGUMENTATION: channelling invisibility's uselessness in:
      _ PvE : caster doesn't go invisible right away, so mob can still hit u a few more times and break your invisibility.
      _ PvP : same as PvE, even worse, since players aren't stupid like mobs, even if caster has already gone invisible, 1 simple AOE and the problem is solved
      _ Gathering, Wandering, . . .: I guessed the ideas the shoes' maker had in mind for it is that u try to get out of people sight then go invisible. But how do u expect someone to "get out of people sight" when u don't have any move speed bonus (50% from invisibility isn't counted, for the reason that u'r trying to get away to use that skill, so u can't use it right now or back to the original problem stated above)
    • The reason for the unusability of these shoes is simple. A channeled skill that reveals stealthed units in the close vicinity, while the stealth mechanics inside this game are scarce (3 Items), wich already have counters that are far more accesable. Namely purge, knockbacks, pulls or aoe's.

      Furthermore this spell is a choice on ur boot-slot, the spell slot reserved for mobility. Hence there is no reason to take this skill/spell over any of the above named options, as the drawbacks are just too much.

      The shoes as many other "forgotten" items, are in dire need of a state of the art update.


      Very hard to make, as we generaly have no idea what the design idea behind the mercenary armor line is, yet if we have a look at the rest of the armor line spells we might come too a conclusion. Mercenary Helmet offers a cleanse (pbaoe) that is castable while being stunned, a pretty solid support option that helps in various situations. The mercenary chest piece gives u fury, a skill that increases the damage dealt, per hit on u, during its duration.

      The synergy, is obvisouly getting the most out of ur fury cooldown, since purge and cc is the counter too it and cleanse counters cc too some degree.

      If we compare that too our non-mobility spending, non cc-breaking ability on our shoes, that offer "some" support in the form of reavealing stealth, the issue becomes more and more clear. Atleast for me the boot sprint doesnt fit the armor line at all.

      Some suggestions, obvisouly very biased, cc-reduction sprint, a sprint that prolonges buff duration on urself, a sprint that "weakens" enemies in close vicinity, either in the form of a small slow, or less damage dealt.

      Just some ideas out of the top of my head. Sadly these boots are disregarged for a long time and I hope that the next wave of weapon/armor balance will have an impact on them.
    • Even worse...

      Another suggestion would be a movementspeed buff before u go into stealth, to create enough distance between u and the target. It could look like this;

      Hide and seek: Ur character runs away in the attempt to hide from agressors. Grants a small movementspeed burst before ur character goes into a channelled invisibility. The nametag of urs dissapears during the skill.

      Grants 50% movementspeed for 3-5 seconds, after the movementspeed expires ur character starts to channel an invisibility for 15 s.

      Still dont like the channel yet this could create the space needed at the beginning, whilst still allowing ganker a hide and seek minigame. Values are discussable and just as an example.

      A potential change could be too the stealth channel itself. Allowing a very slow movement while the 15 second (like 30%), yet if non friendly players/mobs get too close (5m vicinity roughly) u get revealed. Again making this a way better escape tool than it currently is, while offering counterplay too it.

      Anyone else have suggestions?

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    • Mercenary shoes not a fan of that invis anyway,i thik there sould be deifferent spell.
      Maybe something like this what can work with fury on the chest?
      Strong stance:
      You get 50% sprint for 4 sec and +20 restitance for each hit what you take.Stack 3 times max.

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    • Something to fit into Mercenary shape. Just thoughts.

      It have AOE cleanse on helm (remove debuffs and movement impairing effects).
      Defensive PvP spell, countering sunder armor, deep cuts and all kinds of CC.

      It have Fury on chest. Bonus damage from taking damage. There no real cases, where is may be really useful, except may be duels, and solo PvE, countering incoming damage by bigger damage, since in PvP, focused by enemies damage dealers usually trying to retreat and will choose damage on demand "nuke" button, or "ohh sh*t" button to escape, and tanks will choose different utilities also.
      If fury were increasing damage and healing, it may be, could be used by healers as "oh sh*t" button.

      The only aspect where helm and chest cross, is duels.
      So, mercenary is actually a duelist?
      Ok then. How to make a duelist to be a mercenary, a person killing for money?
      Boots need to offer utility for duels and one more uncovered aspect, having global "boots for movement" idea in background, and "wanna be" invisibility mechanics.

      Invisibility blink idea, suggested above, seems to fit into direction well.
      Just need it to be not OP comparing to Blink and Delayed Teleport.

      How about invisibility blink to hostile target (charge), letting to move and deal damage from invisibility for 3 seconds? Offensive PvP spell viable in duels, countering direct damage by invisible movement, but different from Ambush, useless for escape. One way ticket for Mercenary to finish his mission? =))

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    • nah why is everyone dependent on the invisibility jesus,you already have smokebomb for moving around and do dmg.
      Mercenary is someone who fight for money,he had experience from the bottom of the worst places to the great battles and as a good mercenary know they foots need to by in warm and dry, cuz its their foots what keep them going from business to another business.Invisibility is for assassins,spies and thiefs.
      And as you said,Fury on mercenary is not much used spell in pve or pvp cuz you need to take the dmg ffor proc fury and thats the problem,if you want to use fury you need also something what make the impact of taken dmg not much devastating for your HP.
      So in my opinion some light defensive sprint can make more value for fury then some invis.
      Only items what can make good synergy with fury are
      Helmet- soldier helmet
      Shoes - Demon boots or graveguard boots but one is expensive as fck and the others have only 3 sec duration so you in the end take a lot of dmg anyway.
      When i build some builds im looking mostly for synergy between spells and mercenary shoes have none synergy for mercenary set .
    • My thoughts was not about stacking abilities to support each other, but about utilities arsenal for different cases.
      Limited by conditions to be unique, and have no similar options implemented, like Defensive Sprint or Giant, or Shield Charge, or Blink, or Delayed Teleport.

      You stop him - he cleanse.
      You hit him - he may hit back harder.
      You escaping from him - he keep pursuit.

      Charge and 3 second invisibility, when he keep moving and striking, prudently betting all or nothing once again, but he own the rules of that game, and the moment of bet. Not a berserk, not a thief and not a knight.

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    • This is a really old thread, from when merc jacket used to have fury on it?

      That said, I've been trying out mercenary shoes lately, and they could definitely use some tweaks. IMO, you should be able to move during the channel and taking damage from AOE or dots, or even a ranged projectile that is mid-air when you go invis should not break the invisibility. If there is a need to balance this slightly, reduce the move speed increase or move speed duration slightly once you come out of invis.
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    • I have high spec in them. It's my default shoe for going on expedition with randoms cuz they always do stupid moves and when shit hits the fan i can go invis without having to sacrifice a chestpiece for it. I run it on healers in PvE all the time. Saved me so much repair costs!

      They are also specifically usefull for ambushes on roads.

      Their use is for very specific tasks. I think they're ok as they fill a niche.

      By no means is it a forgotten item. I'm a big fan.

      edit: god deam necro posters
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