Community Event: Royal Tournaments (Announcement and Feedback)

  • Stalk wrote:

    Does 4.4 artefact considered as 6.2 anbd therefore allowed?
    4.4 = 5.3 = 6.2, so yes, you can use an artifact of 4.4

    GrimmLord wrote:

    i have following questions:
    1. the consumables are they tier limited or can u use t8 stuff ?
    2. capes limmited tier 6.3 yes or no ?
    3. the quality of equipment is permitted to be anything ?
    1- No limit on consumables
    2- Capes are gear, 6.3 limit.
    3- any quality is permitted. Have fun rerolling!

    grofire wrote:

    will the fight stop after 2 man get knockback ? or is it continue till last man standing, on the first day, not the final?
    It will continue to the last man standing.
    Flufferpope, OG AO since A1
  • grofire wrote:

    FlufferPope wrote:

    grofire wrote:

    will the fight stop after 2 man get knockback ? or is it continue till last man standing, on the first day, not the final?
    It will continue to the last man standing.
    so i do not understand who goes to upper bracket ? you just need to be in the 3 last man standing ?
    We will assign points based on the order in which people died. The 3 with the most points after the first five rounds will move on to the second bracket. After that, we will narrow it to 2 best, then only the one best.
    Flufferpope, OG AO since A1
  • Now my feedback (even though I already posted a video about it.)

    - The arena should be locked with no exits. Instead of a ramp, there needs to be a gate that closes as soon as we enter the arena.

    - The waiting time between rounds should be decreased. Waiting an hour for the next round was not my cup of tea.

    - There should be more arenas. just 3 or four did not cut it and there was too many war masters per match.

    - Last but not least. the paring should not allow guild mates and alliance in the beginning to be paired together. It gives an unfair advantage.

    The rest it just fun fun fun. Hope to have more of these kinds of tournaments.
  • stuff that made it boring to watch, or general feedback/possible improvements:

    - secret alliances
    can't fully fix those in that all-vs-all ruleset (maybe do more group-vs-group, 5vs5 or at least 2vs2vs2)
    the very least to be done is split guilds/alliances to different groups - if possible

    - stealth
    seems all about stealth->fullheal and even swap weapons, if needed.
    cap it to max. 1 stealth-spell maybe?

    - waiting for resurrects
    seems like you've fixed that along the way
    is it possible to teleport downed players out of that arena? so they dont sit in the way

    - the "camera"
    the ghost-mode fixed the problems from the beginning (bugging out when someone went invisible)
    another adjustment would be to be in same guild as the mods/spectators just to hide their names

    - 1vs1 fights at the end
    many times players wanted to finish it off with a fair 1vs1
    maybe give them this option? organizers could full-heal both, so the spectators don't have to wait 2+ minutes.

    it was the first tournament like that - wasn't it?
    learn from the mistakes, improve and I guess this event can get somewhat interesting.
    really hyped for the 5vs5 fights. no stupid alliances or ResidentSleeper-strats(stealth/lifesteal/heal/...)

    countdown, that not everyone can see?
    can the ghost write? maybe use local channel or something like that.

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  • Feedback as Participant

    1). Very demotivating / frustrating that alliances essentially determined the winner of the match. As was seen in my match, in Veton's match, and in Pklizador's match (among others), anyone who had a bit of a name in the game was immediately teamed up on and had no opportunity to proceed to the next round. This wasn't so much a game of skill but rather a game of who could ally with who to proceed to the next round. I do not believe this allows for a fair playing field.

    2). The structure of the out of bounds markers was too narrow to actually formulate a strategy to knock people outside of the arena. Obviously I care about this because I was the only person using the Iron Clad :). Might be better to have open boundaries like a dueling circle so that the overpowered classes of the healers and 1 handed axes could have a chance of losing to the environment and open up some other strategies for people to win against these "cheese" builds.

    Feedback from the Community

    3). The stealth builds really dampened the action in the tournament. Multiple people in the Albion Chat were voicing their concerns, as well as people who spoke to me privately in discord

    4). Most individuals thought the event was boring because of the alliances made for unfair gameplay. Again evidence was through private conversations I had with people as well as people who were typing that in the Albion Chat.


    I actually do not believe there is a great solution to the biggest problem of the tournament that is the alliances. Because there is not way to eliminate these alliances in this type of a 1v1v1v1v1 format, I do not believe this format would be a good one to continue moving forward.

    What I do wish to say though is that the effort for this event, as well as the casters of the event and the overall quality of the stream was perfect. Nothing can be taken away from everything that the team did to put this event in place. The only flaw that was revealed in my opinion and the opinion of many participants and viewers who I spoke with was that the 1v1v1v1v1 format simply is not a viable impartial way to host a tournament.
    Kind Regards,

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  • @Blackboa who are you??? :P jk jk

    That was a lot of the feedback I got too. Perhaps FFA is not the way to go in the future. I just don't see a system where this could work because guilds/alliances aside, lots of people still know each other so there is no way to prevent teaming up.

    Boa I think the structure could be tweaked so that there was a bit more room (perhaps removing 3 of the 4 entrances. I don't know for sure, but I do not believe knocking people out of the ring was supposed to be a viable strategy. I think the intent was to force killing. Not to say that's not a good idea for the future though. However it's hard for a judge to determine if someone is over a line, and then keep them from re-entering.

    One thing I wanted to point out that may answer a lot of things saw criticized.. Remember that the majority of the staff were not GMs, they are players and can't just equip Revive/healing staff or just make a lot of the magic happen that people seem to be saying.. One thing that took the most time was the cooldown on potions which they couldn't help at all. A round may end in 30 seconds but still needed to wait until the CD was over to start. Logistically the improvement from day 1 to day 2 was great though. So I have confidence that the improvements from now till the next tourny will also be a great jump.

    Maybe some special "Event Staff only" items could be created so that no matter what their Tier is, they can equip a staff to heal/revive. But that still doesn't solve the problem of potion CD. But we will see what is done. A lot of positive things came from this Event and people enjoyed it even understanding that it's not perfect. So I'm sure they will explore all ways to improve. I look forward to seeing the 5v5 next week!
  • grofire wrote:

    @FlufferPope nice try on the event, it could have been great, but I had some issue with it.
    I will list the changes that I think will help:
    1) arena too small, so small.....
    2) starting postions should be lock, and players should not be able to get closer before of the start of the fight.
    3) names should be consiled, the 5 man in the arena should not know who they fighting.

    But nice try, we can see that event masters really tried!
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  • EricWer wrote:

    @FlufferPope are you going to announce the 1v1v1v1v1 winner somewhere? I wanna share the news on
    I imagine a Recap will be written, like it was for the Hide & Seek Event.

    For now, you can reference: