Recently Bought/Sold Tab

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  • Recently Bought/Sold Tab

    It would be great to add a recently bought and sold tab into the market. This feature is in many other games and it is very useful. It makes it a lot easier to keep track of your purchases and sales for longer periods of time. It is a very small feature but it would definitely be a nice one to have to make things a bit easier. Each tab could either be specific to one market or the tab could show your records through all markets so you can track prices from zone to zone. The tab would likely either show last (x) amount of purchases and sales or all purchases and sales in the previous (x) amount of time.
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  • I believe this or something similar to it is in the backlogs. They want to add more data for players to look at so they can deal with the global markets a tad easier but just have not had the chance to do so. I think it was also requested that something like this could be put into the API so third party users could develop websites to help track global prices.