[17.01.2017] Test Server Patch Notes (Faye Patch #5)

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    • [17.01.2017] Test Server Patch Notes (Faye Patch #5)

      TEST SERVER / Faye Patch #5 / Version 1.0.307 - REV 71553 / 17January 2017


      • Focus fire protection on mobs adjusted:
        • Effect reduced from 20% per additional player to 10% per additional player
        • Threshold for veteran mobs increased from 5 players to 7
        • Threshold for elite mobs increased from 10 players to 12
        • Maximum bonus capped at 200% of base health
      • Merchants have cleared out their stocks of seasonal goods.
      • Uncle Frost has retreated to his sanctum for another year.
      • The Knockback Shot ability should now correctly knock the target away from the caster, rather than in the direction it was moving in.
      • Fixed an issue with specific ground areas appearing gray.
    • Mhm... guys srsly remove antizerg from PvE - exp is devided via all party members anyway. This really ruins the fun we had in previous beta.
      Also it should be lowerd for PvP (or atleast removed at black zones) - right now you can solo run through 15-20 men zerg without dieing which is hilarious.

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