Lossing Albion?

  • ironclad77 wrote:

    wanted to play the game before 3 years.keepin it in a constant payed beta to suck of peoples money is a thing that no gamer ever liked.
    many games with nice ideas die cause of greed.
    if they had released it in 2015/16..it could have been a blast.

    i dont know anyone who wants to start in march 2017...other new games that are not 3+ years in a payed beta will make the race and thats good :)
    How does keeping it in beta make money for them. If they had been after the money they would have released early and players would be buying gold. Your statement makes no sense.
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  • I do get the "German Mentality" here that they want to have a smooth product but the Americans are so use to the unfinished product reliece that they are pushing for a shorter reliece date.
    I do get they the game has been in beta for 2 years now (Me only playing 4 months of that now).

    The biggest problem being they haven't kept to the official date as promised, which can break some people Hope.

    I don't mid the wipes as I mentioned before because I Enjoy testing multiple aspects of the game. But that said, I don't think I would want to do multiple wipes in a row and I really hope they announce an official date soon.
  • In 2013, as I remember, there were abt 17 2 to 3 day closed access mini-tests (pre-alpha)

    Then we had two slightly larger closed access early alpha tests, Winter '13 and Spring '14, that each lasted less than 2 weeks.

    Epic and Legendary Founder's participated in 3 alpha tests from 2014 into 2015.

    Veteran Founders joined the other Founders in the first Beta test, as called out by @Devious above. Final Beta is the second Beta test. The next Beta test will be the third, and hopefully last, Beta test.

    Just a little history :)
  • @Zetecua @Devious my only real concern is if they will go back to when the game was worth playing and it had potential. Today I see none. Back in beta1 I thought I could get 4 to 5 years out of Albion. I wouldn't use final betas version of the game to wipe my ass.
    HCN wrote:
    While I do agree with you (I miss the good old days of UO when we didn't have to deal with the instant-gratification-cry-baby generation)
  • I can't say I agree entirely there qvq. I rather like the balancing changes comming to combat and the changes to the world with biomes and more unique maps instead of the same 6 maps just rotated about.

    The transmutator is much better now and I am a big fan of how I can unlock weapon types opposed to having to unlock every single individual weapon just to try them out. The way enchanting is done is way better then Beta 1 where some people would not use Weapon A because Weapon C which was the .3 had more power potential in the end game. Same with the armors. Now all items are set at an equal level so balancing can be done easier.

    Im more of a fan of having the territories on their own maps opposed to 8 zones all cramped on one map. I will however say that the GvG system is still in need of work and there are concerns involving the value of a Building territory though these are things being looked into. I've heard some potential ideas on new world additions but I do not know if they will actually make it into the game or enough details to see if they will make GvG and open world better.

    It is nice to see the addition of random NPC spawns for players to try and find though PvE still has much more work to go through but I think the game is getting better in that regard. This beta there was a sorta back step with dungeons and PvE but honestly the only real reason Dungeons were used in beta 1 was for the runes and in some cases PvP.

    From the changes's I've seen announced and things I have heard I am feeling very positive about the upcomming wipe. My only worry is will the world end up being too small again or will we finally have a world that feels just right? Time will tell.

    In short I cannot say that I really favored BETA 1 over Final BETA or vice versa as each one had its pros and cons. Now we get to see if what was learned between the two can be meshed into one much better Beta.
  • I agree some changes have been good, but more have been bad. At least bad enough that I deleted the game. I just hope to see a reason to play again.

    The most annoying thing that takes place is hearing that good suggestions and public out cries are ignored coming from the council that they established to hear from the community.

    I am just that squeaky wheel trying to get them to wake up and give us the game that won't fail. Catering to casuals always kills games. They need a home sure but any game designed for them will always fail.
    HCN wrote:
    While I do agree with you (I miss the good old days of UO when we didn't have to deal with the instant-gratification-cry-baby generation)