Islands, making "building" and "farm" plots interchangeable

  • Islands, making "building" and "farm" plots interchangeable

    So in every island there are 3 types of plot. Farm plot, building plot and small building plot.

    I would like for the farm and building plots to be interchangeable, perhaps at a cost. This option would be to "work the land" and could take several days to perform and some resources too, but essentially if you wanted a big ol' farm with only farm plots (and the small building plots you have left), you could do that. I can't think of any reason why not to do this, but I'd like to be enlightened if it's a bad idea..

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  • Okay, let's start thinking from the base of your suggestion.

    You would love to have more farm available to you:
    This means you will have 16 plots available for farming and you got 9 farming spots per plot. So this will mean 144 farming spots available to you, on one island.
    Lets take this case into perspective: For example, you are going to farm yourself some wheat and you are a premium player (So double resources).

    1 plot contains 9 places to put wheat on, you get 6 wheat back per place. This means you will get 54 wheat per plot, you need to do this times 16 this is: 865 wheat and you do not have to do anything.
    This will have huge consequences for the market and for the production/crafting of food. So it's not simple to implement, it will have huge consequences for other parts of the game too.

    I hope I could enlightened your thoughts
    Cheers! Kutweer.
  • Ok Kutweer, that makes sense.. but there's a problem.

    Problem: As it stands you have to upgrade your island 4 times to have 1 of each type of farm plot (unless you demolish and rebuild each time, but that would kill anyone's enthusiasm). You can easily trial every other skill in Albion Online at low tiers to find out which you like doing. But with farming there are huge costs to attempting them, for a newbie. This problem is only present with farming, as far as I know.

    Lets go a couple feet beyond the 'base of my suggestion', and consider this: It could be that food takes 16 times as long to grow, to counter the inflation problem you mentioned. Not only would that introduce a little more realism, but it would also be a bit fairer on newbies who might not know what they want to do with their island. Does this satisfy you?
  • You have some good suggestions of course! But right now; out of experience, I know that the 'Island' will be a daily satisfaction.
    Because what you grow on your island is ready in 22 hours, so what you will get is people returning every single day, even if they do not have that much time. Just open Albion Online every morning, harvest some crops and put some seeds back in place.

    I know the 16 times of long is a suggestion, but again let's put this into perfective: 16 times 22 hours = 352 hours so almost 15 days to finish growing crops. They whole daily comeback to the game will be gone.
    But I totally agree that we need to make something to make it more 'New player friendly', but this will be in a 'Guide/Tutorial' way; not so much in the Island itself right?

    Cheers! Kutweer
  • Kutweer wrote:

    You have some good suggestions of course! But right now; out of experience, I know that the 'Island' will be a daily satisfaction.

    Cheers! Kutweer
    I see, that does make sense.. Although if the time crops took to grow were randomised with a scope significant enough, it wouldn't take long before there will be spots ready every day; due to progressive variance.

    Currently there are twice as many building plots as farm plots correct? Well anyway, in that case if they can all be converted into farm plots you'd have 3 times as many as there are now. That means crops should take on average 3 times as long. So if we make the variance 2-4 days, it'll only take one maybe two cycles before you've got crops growing every day.

    Another thought might be that converted plots are less efficient; maybe it takes twice as long for those plots, or you get less yield.
  • Korn wrote:

    Hi @Venima

    thanks for your suggestion.

    Allowing players to choose whether they'd like to have more farms or buildings on their island is something that we will very likely add to the game.

    All the best,
    Good idea,
    Nothing bad should happen, even if you let build farms in town with additional grow bonus.
    Generally, it should unlock player-driven economy balancing between food, mercs and crafting building, and set anchor, where claims cost will gravity to, equals to that grow bonus profit.
    More sand into sandbox.
    WTB skill
  • gmatagmis wrote:

    By the way, about small buildings.
    Little size of smelter and butchery look strange, if compare equal functionality building (smelter = sawmill, leather or stone refinery and butchery = mill house).
    What is idea behind small plots existence, why all of them are not the same size?
    Perhaps because the game is pvp-centric, might explain why smelter is small (more commonplace). Weapons, armour and tools are always in demand. In terms of butchery I have no idea.
  • I agree with the "problem" of small building spots versus large plots. It is kind of weird how only the butcher and the smelter are the only two that use a small plot.

    Suggested Small Structures:

    Repair Shop

    I also like the idea of letting us move the type of spot around, and interchange them.

    I'd like to put a Pasture and the Saddler next to each other. The Butcher and the Cook, next to each other. The Tanner + Hunting Lodge + Carpenter next to each other. Etc. Etc.

    I do like the idea and I'm glad to see it coming that resources can be stored in their respective refinery / shops. I was thinking it might have been a good idea to let us place one chest next to crafting stations, which would accomplish the same thing.
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