[Overpowered] Glaive

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    • [Overpowered] Glaive

      As a Glaive user i think this weapon its to much overpowered and the reason its pretty simple. In my opinion the spells are wrong as ... starting with spirit spear, spirit spear shouldnt give you atack range because in real life the glaive werent something you would throw at people, it was a close combat weapon, second if you stack it 3 times you have like the warbow range or more and youll give like tons of damage. Second of all Cripple, damn! This spell its so strong, beacuse check it out, you slow someone by 15% and if they have some kinda of movement speed spell activated its gone. Now imagine, you use Q (6% slow) + Cripple (15% slow) + Slow Poision (10% slow) doing the math its something like 31% slow, this while taking like 100 damage for each basic atack, combining that with the hunter chest its a one shot also the glaive as more basic atack speed than the pike and other weapon on the spear tree.. So my suggestion are:

      • Change Resilience Penetration, its the only weapon if im not mistaken with 50%, make it 30%.
      • Change Q - Remove the atack range buff it gives
      • Change Cripple, you cant have both damage and slows in on spell, let the slow and the habilitie to remove movement speed buffs, but reduce the damage to half of it or even more.


      • Nerf the Hunter Jacket, make it gives you only movement speed.


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