Druid Boots

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    • The special skill on these boots are not giving enough for what it takes from you.

      -armor -mr
      +run speed

      if i am in a one vs one fight the other person gets more dmg to me than I get from the skill. most of the time mages run with cloth to make them more damage oriented. and these boots right now make them do more dmg but also take full dmg and die instantly. I took one sniper shot and fell over (weapons and armors on both sides were same tier)

      an option is available as a possible rework to this to make it better. give it special use for damage for different category of weapons that are used with it.
      • Mage weapons = next spell casts twice 2nd spell shortly after the 1st spell +runspeed for a short time
      • Ranger weapons = dmg for next few skill casts goes up +runspeed for a short time
      • Warrior weapons = cooldown of all abilities are dropped by several seconds +runspeed for a short time

      as the item stands now it is only doing dmg bonus if no agro is on the person wearing them. but when you need to run you just die and have no options to get out. not useful for pvp or pve in comparison to other options. if you cant change to this rework then I would suggest turning down the armor minus and then adding more run speed and a slight bit more dmg bonus. :D