[14.12.2016] Test Server Patch Notes (Faye Patch #3)

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    • [14.12.2016] Test Server Patch Notes (Faye Patch #3)

      TEST SERVER / Faye Patch #3 / Version 1.0.307 - REV 69352 / 14 December 2016


      • Fixed an issue where carry load was scaled depending on the cluster you were in.
      • Fixed the Guild territory connections in Longtimber Glen.
      • Fixed an issue where the mounting sound effect was played when approaching a mounted character.
      • Fixed an issue where the Defensive Slam ability would not always work on larger mobs.
      • Fixed an issue where auto-attacking with the Spirit Spear ability would not work after using Blink.
      • Fixed an issue where the Devastating Strike ability would not knockback.
      • Fixed an issue where knocked down characters would not be able to recover or die after a disconnection.
      • Fixed an issue where a dead, disconnected character would get put into knockdown status after being hit.
      • Fixed an issue where the pig's head animation was not bobbing as intended.
      • Fixed an issue where Guild laborers would not recognize your rights after upgrading.
      • Fixed the roof textures of Expert and Master Butcher buildings.
    • Stormlord schrieb:

      animal noises are too aggressive - make it a wicker or a slight growl - makes you focus more

      but GG in general
      Yeah the tree spirit thingies have huge voices.

      Also the cat sound in cities... For first 3 times I heard it I was checking if everything ok with my cat before realising it was coming from my headphones. Good, we finally have cats in game but in a way of an sound of a cat pulled by the tail? :(

      Cutting wool sounded like someone being whipped... Dunno, just check 'em ok? Till them I will just turn ambient and music off again.
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