Feedback for beta

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    • Feedback for beta

      Hello there. Played for 1 mounth and gather some ideas to make things better. I got 10+ years of exp in MMO and same amount in developing business software, so maybe my view can be usefull )

      1. Don't open inventory every time when you open bags from the ground. We open bags only to LOOT it. LOOT using SHIFT button, not by dragging items to your pack. It's really nerd to close backpack after each loot bag.
      2. Make flag "MUTE SOUND" in Settings. If i want mute game, i need to roll all setting at zero, then i need to roll them back. I did it sometimes, now i'm playing without music all the time.
      3. Make button "CLEAR FILTERS" in market window.
      4. Also make smthing with market interface - it's the core of ur economy. For example i want to make smart-sale of smthin. What do i need to do? I need to check all sell orders by 15-20% from last price, analyse volume and make some decisions about good price. Same i need to do with buy orders. So actually at the moment i working only with one item, and i want to see all necessary information about it, prefer in THE ONLY window. Check EVE engine - that's what you need to have at the end, ofc if you want ur economy works as it should. Without good trade terminal you will never get good economy - it's just a fact, becouse this system must be build by players, and players are using the interface which can't give an oportunity to make right things fast.
      4. Make flag that will cancel attack function by mouse. I want to use mouse only to choose target, i don't want my character to attack it even if i click on already targeted enemy.
      5. Make pop up system on linked things and on player names. Make it easy to gather party using names from chat or guild members list. It's easy and very friendly - check WOW for example.
      6. Make journals stackable! U can stack empty and full journals. Don't bring us back to stone age - specific of item type shouldn't make things harder for player - it's your technical problem.
      7. Try to target anybody near the city chest.. Actually it's the huge problem, when you have one thing under you mouse, and another thing when u click on it.

      And the last question: haven't you think about randomization of damage u deal? Why all amounts of damage are fixed? Why there is no range for example 10% from middle in every side? Why i can't miss or hit critically? Even in UO u couldn't hit 10 times with same dmg. I think u understad my idea ^^

      PS: haven't read treads before, but hope there are some new ideas that can be useful )
    • Yeah I'd say all of the ideas have been spoken about at some point, though it never hurts to reiterated.
      Most of the things you mentioned were quality of life changes, except the damage change you mentioned. The combat is very controlled, I know my character so well that I know by what my target is wearing and how much life they have if I can kill them, every time. The thing about crit and other combat muiltilpiers in this game is that if someone would get two lucky crit son you in a row you lose your gear, even if you should of really beat them. In wow you're salty about #NeverLucky , but in Albion it's life or death. I perfer the current system, it works, and works well.