Trashed Items

  • Trashed Items

    Basic Idea: A potentially fun little proposal for a change to the flavor text on trash items, separately for each tier of trash, to be tastefully salty flavor text, ex. "What remains from much blood, sweat, and salty salty tears." . Currently all trash items have the flavor text "Trash; not useful". As trash is found in PvE and PvP situations, I thought that this could be a seemingly simple series of changes to implement to perhaps introduce a bit of good humor into an otherwise low value situation. While I can't be sure that players will take time to read the flavor text, I can hope that it would at least make some players newer to PvP have a good chuckle. There might also be a source of some light humor where players might carry specific tiers of trash on their body, should they be killed in battle, to add / communicate a bit of salt for the situation.

    Where this idea needs your help: Ideas for tastefully salty flavor text, preferably separate for each tier of trash. Please pass the salt!