Haven't looked at this game for a year.

  • Haven't looked at this game for a year.

    Any idea when the release date is? And any ideas on any videos made to help get an idea of whats in the game? Also few questions for the people who played alpha/beta, I myself am a founder.

    1. Is it reliable to be a solo player, and just be your own guild in a way? What I mean is just making profits, and doing things alone, I'd like to think of myself farming materials, and selling off to guilds, almost like a merchant

    2. Is there anything about the game looking pay to win?

    3. What do you like/dislike about the game?

    Anyways, that's all I really have to ask, thanks!
  • Release is expected to be around mid of 2017 (no one really have accurate date)

    Solo gaming is certainly doable and can get you to a competing level with others .. You can watch "Solo PVP" videos for albion in Youtube and see if it fits. However, the skill of playing and selection of the right gear is essential in this game which i find hard to achieve if you don't have a close group of experienced players around you to mentor and guide. Also some gaming experience is hard to do solo (like hell gates which might drop for you rare artifacts for getting powerfull weapons, also Group dungeons that have extra drops from the solo ones.. not to mention GVG Fight and Castle fights and city Fights.. all those owsome experiences you will have no access for it because its group based... Devs are looking forward to introduce more Solo options like open world events and bosses which should be introduced during Feb patch

    this game uses premium status which let you advance quicker in skill.. but doesn't give you extra things (gear) to win a 1 vs 1 fight

    Currently (still beta and can be improved) The game is a bit grindy if you like such style and have a lot of variety to select from. The down thing is PVE fun (Most dungeons are kinda rinse and repeat mode with no real action except those hard T6+ Group dungeons that can be challenging)-. I like this game because its PVP experience, because of its promising future and active Devs and because it envolves strategy, PVP, PVE, trading, economics, and politics (aka its a grown up / smart people game) and not a kids / button spamming kinda game :)