Albion Economy! Discuss...

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    • Albion Economy! Discuss...

      Hi everyone,
      I want to start this thread; so that the community can have an outlet to discuss the economy, as well as a more constructive thread that may help the devs in a more productive manner.
      Here are a few starter topics we can discuss:
      1. Essences, and how the community is feeling the implications. (Are you feeling a difference) Also I would like the feedback of gatherers and refiners (as I get a majority of my resources from battle chests).
      2. Enchanted resources; What is the main way you acquire them? i.e. Auction House, Gathering, and Battle Chests. Be specific on the tiers as well as the enchantment level.
      3. How battle chests effect the economy and more directly, gatherers.

      My opinions:
      Topic 1. For myself I am not seeing the weight of essences quite yet. As I specified earlier I get most of my resources by battle chests. Though I do see them selling for quite cheap on the Auction Houses in most major cities. I want to hear from the gatherers on this.
      Topic 2. The only way I am getting enchanted resources is by the Action House, and by battle chests (which if I do find enchanted resources in, its only 1-2). I use to be a big gatherers at the start of this beta, but as time went by I found myself mindlessly searching for enchanted resources and not having fun doing so.
      Idea: Here's an idea to give gatherers something special. You can have daily spawns of a resource that drop .4 materials. These resources would be permanent, and marked on the map just like battle chests. The gatherer could grab some body guards and head out to cut down the "tree" for a chance at a guaranteed enchanted material. At other times of the day the resource nod could remain empty, or act as a regular nod.
      Topic 3. I love pvp and I think that the battle chests were a great way to get people in one area and do some fun pvp for a worth the risk reward. It does seem like chests are the best and easiest way to get high end enchanted materials at the moment though. Does this need adjusted? Or is it gathering that needs brought up to the same level?

      This is an open forum so feel free to comment of the topics I listed or any others that you would like to bring up!
    • Happy too

      With essences i feel their drop rate is at such a decent rate that even if you get knocked down you will sill end up with plenty

      - this means that every dungeon run that happens brings back essences of the right tier and above and this keeps the prices down for the average crafter ^^

      - as a gatherer i get most of my bread and butter from the .2 and .3 resources it is still incredibly rare to find .4 so it i get excited when i do find it. I do enjoy the gathering for the most part but wish i had ALL of my tools to at least t4 - so many missed opportunities :D. they sell really well at the market for the very reason you mentioned (it can get tedious) and so i will always have buyers. What i do to counter the grind is only gather with a decent horse - gather increase on the boots and a decent bag and speed increase on everything else - fast grind is a good grind and you can do a dungeon or duel a bit every time you have to drop stuff off at you chest or the market :)

      (your idea is pretty clever but this idea will get abused by the guilds who can pull the guys together just to farm (like they try to do with the chests) - maybe don't notify and let the gatherer stumble upon this magical place :) )

      - again via gathering - due to the initial grind i tend to focus on the .2 .3 and .4 of the mats i find due to the decent fame they give

      - can i be honest i think the .2 .3 .4 mats in the chest should be nerfed - keep the relics as i think this is hurting the market for refiners (and they now need essences as well). it is an excellent source of pvp content but i think it should alert nearby players when the chest is near in the surrounding zones to pull a free for all for the chest = this would be unbelievable fun

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    • Thanks for the feedback @Stormlord !

      So do you feel that gathering is in a good spot right now? Or do you feel they could add content to spice it up a little?

      Big guilds will definitely go for the enchanted nods, but they're not going to send a Zerg every day. Maybe spawn .3 daily and .4 weekly.

      The prices for the essences feel similar to the prices of the old gems, which were a dime a dozen, so I don't feel like refiners will have to sport out too much money to refine.
    • About essences, my usual play session is a 15-30 min morgana dungeon solo run. I can do them with 4.1 with low risk and run through with 4.2 without really any risk (watching tv) but added repair costs if I still mess up X/ One run brings abot 150-200 4.1 essences I think and I sell them for 150 each. So it more than doubles the silver output for my casual daily grinds. Which is nice.
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