Merchants Is Recruiting - Crafting and Adventuring Guild

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  • Merchants Is Recruiting - Crafting and Adventuring Guild

    Merchants is looking for gatherers and adventures both.

    In the merchants guild you will find a place where we strive to build an economy where we can play how we like and by combining our efforts we can build a foundation to play anyway you like. Whether it be PVP, Gathering, or Adventuring (in my case a little of all eventually).

    A little update about Merchants so you don't have to read all the updates below.

    Location : Westport
    Members : 27 and growing
    Activity time : All day and all night. We recruit members around the world.
    Goals : Complete all T4 Buildings in Westport - Then expand into areas where we can continue to grow our crafting abilities.

    Buildings so far :
    T4 - Tanner, Stone Mason, Lumber Mill, Smelter (2), Archers Lodge (2), Warriors Forge, Tool Crafter, Guild Home (not a guild hall, just a shared home for now)
    T3 - Repair Shop, Weaver
    T1 - Workbench (Just in case)
    In the works straight to t4 - Mage Tower, Transmutator

    Any and all are welcome to join us or use our facilities. Tax rates are roughly 50% and free to use for guild members (10% does apply due to the area fee )

    Again check us out in West Port and apply in game or pm me at any time.

    In game name is Carrie.

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  • I'm not sure what you are asking here.

    Do we pvp? yes and no. I don't go out pvp'ing as per say but if I get attacked while out gathering mats, I will fight back.
    We don't discourage pvp either. So if a member wants to participate then they are more than welcome to so.

    Do we have any alliances that would be ruined if we pvp'd against them. Tricky question. We don't have any set alliances. There are some soft alliances where we just don't care to attack each other and we recognize that we are both farmers and more or less wave cautiously at each other as we pass.

    As a further update to the guild. We now have two t5 buildings up in westport. lumber mill and stone mason. We will soon have the smelter and repair shop up as well.

    Edit - Smelter is up. Repair shot coming up next.

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