Great Axe

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    • I feel like Whirlwind is a great ability BUT... the cost is not worth it. The damage of whirlwind feels about right, the speed feels about right but its missing something. My suggestion is add something that will make whirlwind worth the cost if your going make it so expensive, such as making whirlwind uninterruptible/or invincible buff, because currently It is easily countered and a huge liability on the battlefield.
    • Whirlwind nerfed :´(

      Only the first hit gets the Ambush bonus anymore.

      I have to test if it works the other way now and whilrwind damage goes up with the damage increase buff from Fury. Which it did not do before. Would be only fair if it did... no?


      Update: YES! Whirwind damage now fully updates for Fury bonus at least ! Nice :thumbup:
      Trying to be a voice for the casuals since Sept 2015 (and failing miserably)

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    • Darrius schrieb:

      Great Axe or all axes have most usseles pasive.Only one viable pasive on axe's is a Life leech.
      Like srsly,paasive what have trigger on AA when great axe have only 0,8 AA speed?
      Before my pasive trigger im death or already killed my enemy.,it need some love .
      I have to agree 100%. My build is based on short cooldowns and I barely get a couple of auto attacks in between if I chain my attacks right. It makes the autoattack only a backup thing you can fall on once you are low on energy. It is not optimal when already the weapon's only use is doing damage: no interrupts, no roots, no stuns.
      Trying to be a voice for the casuals since Sept 2015 (and failing miserably)
    • owensssss schrieb:

      i personally prefer the resistance increase passive, but i agree if they were to boost he AA speed of the axe, you could use battle fury and hunters chest to make an auto attack speed build. which would be kinda interesting
      No its not that interesting ,i tried it.Even if they boost AA speed on GA its not worth.

      First you must realize that AA is not a option for great axe cuz of low AA speed,even if you boosted that AA dmg and speed you get average dps(considering how strong spells GA have -Heavy smash/Batlle frenzy - and how can be easily CCed) without any CC (yes you can take leather helmet for slow but thats just a small patch for big hole in build) and mostly without some solid defense(atleast from my point of wiew,i use atleast 2 defensive spell on my builds).

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