[Guild dismissed] House of Silver

  • In Game Name : KTAISA (haven't made a character yet)

    How Old & location - 31 years old - Chicago US (i play at random hours of the day)
    Founds Access : Legendary
    Team speak - Yes

    Short Description of MMO's - Started with UO in 97, pretty much played every MMO ever since with a focus on PVP. Recently (since current MMO's are trash) have been playing MOBA's (Dota2, LoL, HotS, Smite). Happy to play support roles or dps (just a team player).

    Which role are you applying for - I'd prefer a role in combat but I'm honestly just looking for a good group of gamers to game with and will play any role that is needed within the guild

    Look forward to hearing back

  • Hi KTAISA,
    UO veterans are always welcome, and i feel you about the search of a great MMO without success.
    Albion Online could probably the hidden treasure we are looking for.
    We are in need for more PvP oriented players and you are more than welcome to join our ranks.
    I approved your application, please check the thread regarding the LandRush coordination for tomorrow to find out more.
    Merchants, crafters, traders, adventurers - it's time to gather together and join our forces!

    >>> Join House of Silver! <<<

    Sly as Silver, Strong as Steel.

  • In-Game Name Arturia
    How old are you and where do you live 19 years old Living in Canada
    Founder Access: summer alpha, winter alpha or beta :played last Summer alpha legend pack
    Short description of your MMO's experience DotA CS Unturned Rust Wildstar (Dropped)
    For which role you are applying (Please include your preference, or standard member if you are unsure. Time will tell :) not sure yet
  • In-Game Name: Now, i have no name. But when i start i go with Ekelak
    How old are you: 26 years
    where do you live: I'm from Italy
    Founder Access: Winter Alpha - Epic Founder
    Short description of your MMO's experience:
    Ultima Online - on Italian Server "The Miracle" for 4 years
    World of Warcraft - on Nemesis and other private servers for 2-3 years
    I have also played on Lotro and Aion but only for a short period.
    For which role you are applying:Standard Member

    Tomorrow i will register to your guild Website!
  • IGN: Spades, made my character earlier today.
    Age: 24
    Location: the Netherlands
    Founder acces: Epic founder

    Short description of your MMO's experience:
    Runescape about 12 years ago,
    World of Warcraft since launch up till Pandaria with pauses of months spread around during it.

    Recently not much MMO's, played Dayz a lot the last year and a half.

    For which role are you applying: I have no idea yet,I generally tend to do abit of everything in MMO's, This is also the first Alpha of Albion Online I will be taking part in so I have no idea how the mechanics work and what I will be getting the most enjoyement out of.

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  • In-Game Name: Maric
    How old are you and where do you live: Older than most here:P NorCal
    Founder Access: Legendary
    Description of your MMO's experience: I've played MMOs since UO Beta, Ran, 150+ member guild in WoW, ran 200+ person guild in SWTOR, Most recently played ArcheAge which I love but left because of forced cash shop money sink
    For which role you are applying: PvP and some crafting. I was a top tier crafter in ArcheAge so if I like the system here I may do the same

    (FYI I had originally applied to a guild I had experience with in ArcheAge but they seem to be inactive. Sorry for the late request! Do you PM the TS info?)


  • In-Game Name: Miniboc
    How old are you: 28
    where do you live: I'm from Ireland
    Founder Access: Legendary
    Description of your MMO's experience: Where to start WoW, Guildwars 1 and 2, Final fantasy realm reborn, elite dangerous list goes on and on
    For which role you are applying: Trader
  • In-Game Name
    Stratos !
    How old are you?
    and where do you live?
    Founder Access: summer alpha, winter alpha or beta?
    Legendary !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Short description of your MMO's experience
    Runescape/Lineage/Guildwars and some small other strategic games !

    I love this game and pleas let me help you guys with this game !
    I hope i can join you and make more silver for you guys !
    Nice name for an alliance in a game with this strategic building and silver taxes :D !

    Hope i can join !
    Friendly regards ,
  • After looking through all of the guilds' recruiting posts, I'm think I like you guys the best ;)

    In-Game Name: Either peekama or Kalmarez

    How old are you and where do you live?
    24, Wisconsin, US (GMT - 6)

    Epic Founder Access Winter Alpha

    For which role you are applying?

    Not decided yet. I generally like to play a crafting character, but I'd like to do a bunch of pvp as well.

    Short description of your MMO experience:
    I played Runescape for a couple years (2000 - 2003?), and after that played Ultima Online on an unofficial server for about 5 years (UOG:Hybrid... pre-T2A ftw). After that I played EVE for roughly 4 years, but dipped out of that when they started simplifying/watering the game down