If PvE is not great now is dead

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    • If PvE is not great now is dead

      Lets face this: PvE is not an strength in this game
      And is never going to be.

      I've assumed this from day 1 I started to play, I accept it and I play althought of this issue

      As 100% of MMORPGs PVE tend to be important. Maybe nobody has found an alternative to solve this issue and create a MMO without PVE sustainable.

      And In this game PVE is important as usual: Is the only source of silver in the game (not the only way to get silver, but the only silver generator) AND is the only way to level up weapons.

      Currently is not really imporant to have like 10 masteries if you can afford like 2 tiers over another player. Even one guy that just farmed fame for 4-5 masteries, vs a guy that spent like thousands of hours farming fame up to a 10th mastery, could have been doing gathering or loads of activities that are hundred times more lucrative than fame farming, plus the poor silver "gathering". The most rich users in the server doesn't have more than 1M PVE fame.

      I personally have nearly 5M PVE fame and I constantly see people way richer than me and with way better weaponry than I have. So obviously farming fame is not a great deal. In every fight I surely have 3 or 4 masteries over them, but metagame is constantly changing and probably in two weeks my weapons will be pretty useless compared to other, so all my 7-8 masteries in my 2 weapon of current preference will be completely useless and I would have to start farming fame with a new weapon form the beginning (maybe the change is sutile as only having to change from great nature to one-handed nature staff, or even holy)

      With FAYE patch, PvE is going to be way worse for a single thing. The reason: Monsters are way stronger with this new revamped mob-skill system.

      For example: I go to QM with a party of 5. Currently, we can pull a quite big amount of monsters because while some players are hit-kitting them, the others are tanking-bursting the big ones.
      Now, NONE of the mobs are kite-able so pulling 15 mobs is going to be a really bad idea because even the tanks wont be able to handle this amount of damage without kiting

      Why the developers have encountered this great idea?
      Because of solo-kiting farm-fame "exploit". I understand this to some extent, this is kinda of an "exploit" and devs have been probably thinking on how to stop it

      But lets face it: Why not distributing more silver/fame in other type of mobs, so solo-kiting is not that profitable compared to other PVE activities?

      If PVE was great and we had (specially solo players) dozens of alternatives, then solo-kiting would not be a top preference of solo-duo players.
      But this solution taken is obviously the worst: penalising players that have found their way to co-exist with other type of hardcore gatherers/crafters.

      Maybe one could argument: But then everyone would be solo-kiting because is the best:
      I know a lot of guys, that hate solo-kiting. Even knowing of this existence, they dont do it frequently. Why? They found it tedious and boring. And they simply prefer to gather, because gathering currently is as profitable or more, as this solo-kiting system.
      Personally, I found gathering seriously tedious and boring: I prefer to dungeon fame-farm. Some people gather, some people PvE fight, that simple and balanced.

      Lets try another scenario: We can try to do it the proper way: Faming in T6-T7 solo dungeons.

      But a question to the developers: How I'm going to farm-fame with an Arcane now going solo or duo-player party?
      Maybe to a T6-T7 solo-morgana-dungeon dividing by half the fame and silver?
      Lets say 40K silver and less than 10K fame per hour at most?

      PVE is currently unbalanced, and the shitty solo-kiting or even the 5-party pulling a big amount of mobs system is the only way to rebalance it a bit. Now it will be completely destroy.

      And meanwhile we have this pro-gatherers, with a new persistent mount system and a crafting revamped system being able to craft tier 8 weaponry while a PVE-fame-runner would be doing 50K silver per hour to buy a sad tier 5 set?

      This is going to destroy literally the poor PVE activity that is currently done and obviously plenty of players that only found this way of living are going to struggle unnecessarily to keep it up, from my point of view.

      Please rethink it, considering this arguments, before pushing this patch live.

      Thanks for your time.
    • Derrick schrieb:

      PvE was actually decent in beta one
      Yea, in beta 1, blue dungeons portals was something to fight for and inside instances were decent (less than 1 hour the full dungeon plus a decent danger), and you could alway go into solo/duo dungeons (both for fame gathering and gank).

      Anyway Louen, "PvE" as we know it will change, the devs already say that.

      The fact about dungeons, is that it should be an enjoyable experience and give a reward according to the rest of the economy system.
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    • I agree with you both, but meanwhile this change will literally demolish all PVE and will be the less rewarding thing in the whole game by far.

      And remember that classes like Arcane, that currently are enough difficult to level up, will fall apart excesivelly to the point that will be totally underwhelming to PVE with

      I believe it should not be implemented until further deployment of PVE enhancements (or at least think on rebalance the whole fame/silver reward system from all mobs in the game, with this mob ability implementation, I would say at least x3 current silver/fame to rebalance a bit.
    • vashangelarm schrieb:

      arcane is eaz to lvl with u need a party
      It is currently not easy to level compared to the other classes but with this patch it will be really annoying to the point of underwhelming.

      You cant solo dungeon with Arcane, and if you go in a party, you will look for T5 elite skeleton dungs, but now with this changes they will be really difficult to be killed, so pulls will be way more little and it will double the time to finish the dungeon this mean half fame, half silver after the patch.
    • 5men team with arcane pull inside the t5 skelly portals easy 120k fame per hour. 7-8 men team inside of skelly t5 blue dungeons easy 70-80k fame. Mobs pulled range from 10-32+, or being in the blu portals.... Everything done in t4 gear... All hail blackhole.... Though i do agree that the beam nerf made the combo less smoother and lvling arcane (a supporter weapon) always was and will be underwhelming solo....
    • NicZa schrieb:

      SirLouen schrieb:

      It is currently not easy to level compared to the other classes
      Imo arcane is the way to farm fame, haven't seen any other way that is more efficient. Not solo though.

      Substanz_D schrieb:

      5men team with arcane pull inside the t5 skelly portals easy 120k fame per hour. 7-8 men team inside of skelly t5 blue dungeons easy 70-80k fame. Mobs pulled range from 10-32+, or being in the blu portals.... Everything done in t4 gear... All hail blackhole.... Though i do agree that the beam nerf made the combo less smoother and lvling arcane (a supporter weapon) always was and will be underwhelming solo....
      This is now I agree everything is fine.

      120k fame per hour (i believe you mean 120K silver per hour, not fame)

      Anyway go into the Mordred Staging server with your 5 team and you will see 3800-life skellies v2.0 destroying your team.
    • The thing Is I didnt do any dungeons to level my cursed staff to t6 it was all done through skinning.

      And when i finally did touch dungeons it was me soloing t5 nerco's for a few hundred thousand silver an hour and t7 elites for like 10k silver a pop at like 3-4 minutes a kill solo.

      Really I didnt even have to touch mobs in or around dungeons to level up and essence for me isnt going to be a big factor either as in the month I played like legit deaths and not dieing from being D/c or me just yoloing in some crap gear trying to 4v1 lmfao yeh no 4v1's this beta sadly, Anyways i think i died like 4 legit deaths in the month if you play to the books and have a solid setup you just pick your fights its almost impossible to die.

      So really is essence going to boost pve for me....no not really for other people yeh it will till they have a nice stack.

      But what would really get me interested in dungeon pve is if the bosses started to drop something nice for example some kind of consumable that you cant get via crafting like a 10% cooldown 5% damage or something nice like that 10% run speed for 5minutes...but also i would check out dungeon for pvp alot more if the reduced the amount there is in the world like jesus there is way to many even on beta start-up there were way to many it need to be cut in half.

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    • Gatherers aren't forced to bring 5+ skilled friends every time they want to cut down an enchanted tree.

      Finding 5+ people who are skilled enough to not get everyone killed is harder than you think, it's another miracle if they can play the same time and same amount of hours you do.

      The devs just casually annihilated my in-game profession, so much for being who you want to be.

      Being part of a zerg group is now a prerequisite to being a hardcore pver.

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    • You can even 3 man normal(T6) raid monsters(yellow dungeons). You can 5 man the T6 raid bosses (Not the Mother and fatty). With 5.3 gear..
      T5 blue dungeons are laughable. PvE gets a little harder and people are already complaining.

      Seriously the T5 blue dungeons next to QM are a way too easy method for a lot of fame+ silver I'm glad they are making it harder.. Pulling 10-35 monsters should not be do-able.

      i tought people wanted more engaging and exciting PvE.. Dont ask to be spoon fed. It will destroy this game.