If PvE is not great now is dead

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    • Following aAs @Gundolf and @Raithe says:
      The problem is that nailing down the issue, is not actually solving this issue

      This has been an standard in this game: Lets say certain class have certain combination that make it "playable" and a little OP: Solution: Nailing down that thing, and now the class is totally unplayable: Bad job!

      Lately talking with mates they were arguing that ranged classes had a big advantage due to this issue. Obviously kiting can only be done by ranged classes (ranged and aoe if possible). So not aoe melee classes were falling apart in this sense.

      Now this is going to PVE overall: There was a little niche for some ranged-aoe, and now no niche and no PVE to anyone at all.

      My real question is: Why not empowering every other aspect of PVE to make solo-kiting unnecessary and PVE playable for anyone interested, instead of nailing down JUST the solo-kiting to make PVE worst activity in game?
      I'm not saying creating an overhauled PVE system über-awesome that defeats any other PVE game in the world.
      I'm saying just to adjust the numbers of dungeons, x3 more fame x3 more silver for example, that's it.
    • I'm more than a little butthurt, as my fame farming efficiency just got reduced by 95%. Can no longer keep up with guilds that zerg T8 necros all day (Heart of the Forest, The Cistern are 2 that I remember).

      But then again it's not like there's anything meaningful to do after you max out all your specializations (GvGs are too restrictive, rather just play a MOBA).... I'll just wait and see what they do with the game in the next few months.
    • Ran the "new dungeons", so the only "fix" u guys u complain about is the stacking speed buff on the smaller skelletons? That change made the run faster for a organized group as the pulls are generally faster in the execution.... I actually like it.

      On the other hand, u guys know that the zones we are talking about are considered 5men + zones. Normaly players shouldnt be able to farm then in a solo manner. Yes ofc this cuts into u solo farming those places, yet coming from a design viewpoint I must say that ur ability too farm those places "solo" (we talking about places designed for group content) is flawed and im happy that they address this. Despite it making the pve experience even more horrible.

      Fame numbers actually are increasing now for organized dungeons groups in undead dungeons, thanks to faster pull speed. The skeletons take some time to turn into fast runners and even 11 stacks wherent enough for them to catch up too me....

      Another issue they should adress, making the other dungeons meaningful for fame farming, as they are vastly inferior too undead dungeons...
      Are u all just solo grinding the undead areas in the game? Have u guys tried out other areas aswell? Prolly less efficient anyways....

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