one hand sword rework

  • one hand sword rework

    I love knights with sword and shield. <3
    I love playing PVP.
    But playing with sword and shield is totally useless in pvp, gvg, pk and 1v1.
    These two items need buffs.

    The interruption is useless, is only used against the boss.
    Against the player or mob is very difficult to use I prefer silence.

    The sword would be more useful if you jump on the enemy causing stun / silence, because a tank it enters the bottom line with a lot of CC.

    To do this it needs a jump with Stun or silence if silence he would have to have two charges before entering the cooldown.

    I love the one-handed sword and is the symbol of Albion, please she needs buff.
  • probably find another build. i play one handed sword and its op as Fck.
    it have mobility and dmg with solid sustain if you know how to build.
    You jsut want op weapon what have even CC but you cant have everything.
    if you want CC play mace or hammer.
    if you want dmg play sword or axe.
    Other side u can buy a helmet that have silence spell. So just look at destiny board and dont post here usseles ideas,it save time to devs and you too.
  • Here's to discuss ideas and I think the one-handed sword is weak.
    Sends me a video of someone playing with this player in pvp, gvg, 1v1 and pk.
    It is only useful against boss.
    I love one-handed sword she could jump and give silence, or skip and stop with 2 loads.

    currently it is useless against players.
  • yeah and i want on greataxe slow or ministun on hit... Gz.. go back to earth.
    For info one hand sword and his E give on 3 stack (T6,2)800 + dmg,give 107 resistance for 3 sec,interupts enemy spell AND have 10 sec CD.!!!!!
    on Q you have good dmg and +10 % speed for stack ( 3x) and with iron will you are tanky as fck.
    So you call this a weak?
    By m opinion you are lame and dont know how to build proper build.