Kapow - PvP oriented guild

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  • Kapow - PvP oriented guild

    About us:

    -Most of us met on WoW during WoTLK and we have been playing games from every genre together ever since.
    -PvP is our passion and we want this game to succeed!

    Our goal:

    -We aim to be a top tier PvP guild with solid players that want to enjoy the game. The Devs with fear us!! =D

    What we expect:

    -We want skillful players who want to learn Albion during alpha and dominate PvP.
    -We will not accept toxic behavior. It doesn't matter if you're good, if you have a bad attitude then no one will want to play with you, that includes us.

    What you can expect:

    -Dedicated PvP members so you will always have someone to PvP with!
    -A chance to group with people and see what the game offers in regards to group game play.

    So if you are looking for people to play with and PvP with, then shoot me a message in game @ Vitalis ,send me a message on the forum, or comment with your in-game name and I will invite you to our lovely guild. Thanks!

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