log out while been knockdown

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  • log out while been knockdown

    yesterday i fought and kill some guys, i had one knock down and killing the other ,while i was going back to kill the other i saw him ,he wasn't full life(he was about 2/3 of the hp) to come back on hes feet but he dispear when i was about to kill him, i ask him what he did and he says he log out!!!
    Is this normal?i think it is bug and it should be impossible to log out while you are knock down not even by force close the game.
  • cant this game code check this "knocked down" condition, log it its time & date on the server etc. with a variable and after execution of game again look for it? if there is only around 1 minute of time between the logs that would mean the player d logged out while he\she was knocked out. increase the variable logout_exploit by 1 and if this variable exceeds 5 temporarily ban the user for 1 week. how about that? this would also prevent excessive data of logs on server.