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    I am very unhappy with the last update of this game. And I imagine that I am not the one to talk about it. I'm sorry to say. This game is so good, I have a regret to talk about a problem about it. But this unfortunately is the situation I find myself in this game. This is one of the problems that has recently been happening in the game;

    - Day Update 09.28.2016 has not been resolved and we are already on 06.10.2016.

    - Before and after the update of the day 28.09, games are crashing amid gvg matches, dg, hg, etc ...

    - Something was done in this new beta 01.08.2016 that the game crashes at all that is part, which wants skill thrown in game crashes. Do ZvZ is not an option. In the last beta my PC was it so quiet, what I liked most was the castle of war and gender of things. Unfortunately I can not say the same today. (WoW game in full graphic)

    I got to check for system updates already installed desistalei and C ++ files. But I honestly think this is not my job. We paid for the game to have maximum comfort and avoid most problems. Excuse me talk that way, but that's the reality. I'm from the last att without playing. And I guess I'm not the only one.

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  • Yes , same for me , cant run albion online thx to this error :( such fail , and after instaling C Runtime and restart , still same . and btw on microsoft site it told me "cant run on your system" so what now ?

    and for info i got Win 7 64 bit.

    So game Studion is telling me that i cant play game bc i dont have updatet my window 7 ? what is this ??? bc if ppl dont have Windows Update KB2999226 installed (Atleast on Win 7 64 bit SP1) they cant play game >??
    im really sad ... i dont have words for this , and because my set up i cant instal update on my win , so after paying money to game studion inviting new ppl to the game , they do this that game is no longer compatible with old systems >?

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  • I have not been able to run Albion since the patch broke my install and now even uninstalling and reinstalling does not fix the trouble. I also have Win 7 Pro. 64 bit. The game had been working fine until the patch that broke this and added the necessity of KB2999226. There is a reason this runtime file is not installed on my Windows 7 ... it adds telemetry hooks.. which I will not install. I don't run Windows 10 for a reason.. Sorry guys I will not install KB2999226. I like Albion but I don't like Windows collecting data on me and sending it into "the cloud". Have to draw the line somewhere...this is where I drew it.

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  • Tried to DL AO so I can try it again after Faye but have this issue too. The link for Windows patch works, I can dl the file but it just looks for patches and does nothing lol. :D Also have Win 7 64 bit.

    EDIT: After reading what @leftyleap said (as I'm an IT nobrain) I dont want to install it either as I'm not using Win 10 for the same reason as he doesnt. Thought with my IT "knowledge" I might have it installed, no idea how to check that. But since AO doesn't work I probably dont have it :D

    EDIT 2: Guess I forgot to uninstall some C++ before, worked for me this time, uninstalled all C++ from my PC, restarted PC, installed the 2015 C++ x64 and after I installed AO. Looks like its fine now.

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