Can't play on nexus 10

    • Can't play on nexus 10

      ive been a founder since before pre-alpha and been able to play in all alphas and betas on both my PC and my nexus 10 tablet. Every time I try to play on my tablet it crashes at either 2% or 8%. I've searched the forums and it looks like this this is common for some android users and I have yet to see a dev post concerning this? How are we to properly test a game across all platforms if we cant even load the game. Like I said before I've been a $100 backer since the beginning and this is just frustrating? Can any dev address this or point me in the direction of where it has been addressed? Thanks
    • No ETA?!.... If I was a $100 backer, I would be very frustrated with that! Hell, I am not a $100 backer and I AM frustrated with that!!! I would like to play in my Nexus 10 as well, and it crashes every single time at around 80-90% of the initial loading screen!...

      I am a recent backer and got the Epic pack but I believe that is not good to show so little love for the mobile application.....
    • Bit of necromancy here, up to this day, even after release, I can't play on my Nexus 10, android 5.1.1, download ok, install takes a long while but ok, booting up ok, log in ok, select character ok, loading screen ok, then back to desktop, couldn't log in yet so the character is on a starter area #2.

      Tried redownloading, reinstalling and even resetting the device to factory default, so it runs super smooth, yet I still can't play.