Spear (single handed) Underpowered

  • Spear (single handed) Underpowered

    The “E” spell on spear needs a buff. I’ve been using it a while and the extra dmg from its two handed cousins far outshine the 1handed. I don't think I am crazy because I don’t see anyone running it: especially in PvP, hell gates, OW or GvG vids.

    Thinking it over, it could be that a buff is needed for the Shield to make this more viable - but that might throw a bunch of other stuff out of whack.

    • 10-20% dmg increase on the E. From 685 to 750-800 aoe. (similar to broadsword vs double blades)
    • Add a CC to E - a ~20% AOE slow would pair well with the W cripple.
    • Add an shorter AOE root - that scales with spirit spear. 3-6 secs.

    Note: I think the 1 handed melee in general aren't quite up to snuff. The recent new W internal bleeding spell for Axe is a good change in the right direction.

    Does anyone else think 1 handed melee items needs buffs? If so, which and what do you suggest?
  • ive been running spear and shield for a little while.

    the spear works as a 1h dps decently well. its mobility and the range is its strongest feature and allows you to kite the crap out of pple or chase them down pretty easily, not to mention you can build your stacks before the fight starts.

    The biggest issue I see with the spear tree is the energy cost. i find myself out of energy after ive used my spells twice.