If you join Tea Party at this stage of the beta YOU'RE CLEARLY NEW OR CLUELESS!!!

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    • m4ck schrieb:

      Faaust schrieb:

      m4ck schrieb:

      Faaust schrieb:

      Lol i was gonna respond to this thread but then i realized hes only posting on the forums because he cant do anything in game.

      Hea trying to achieve relevance thru trolling, and everytime ppl click on his clickbait poats he gets a little closer

      Atm he knows no one will listen to him in game cuz hes not even irrelevant in game, hes basically nonexistant, dude could play whole beta in honnister pass and ppl wouldnt know or care

      Talks about gvgs when his whole record is literally two gvgs, not to mention he begged to shotcall then literally choked and quit the game, we felt bad that we thought he quit the game.

      Now we just feel bad that hes become the forum troll rper type that he would always bash and flex on...lol

      The hardest militant i know yo, straight outta the rough streets of long island, nothing scarier than flee on the boots and a trust fund that pays for art school, holy fuck we'd be scared if ur gvging disnt consist of utter silence cuz all u do is choke lmfao how do u roast desmortes and then sink below him

      It really is just embarassing that the only way u think u will be relevant is by attaching urself to ur former guildies and nonstop namedropping lmfaooo
      You all nominated me to shot call because no one else could do it you liar!I can't coach the plebs if they don't listen.

      I'm more active than your whole guild.

      You're soo easy to set off.

      I will never quit not even for a day.

      You're so delusional I fear for you because these are signs of a more serious problem and the typical onset is between ages 21-24 so that will be in about 5 years for you.

      Be safe bud.

      You're spelling could honestly kill a whole guild of Tea drinkers faster than a bunch of monkeys. And yes those are chimps not monkeys! I think pictures may help you read though.

      Do you even spellcheck bruh?!


      Looks like you quit your GVG character after getting facerolled two weeks ago/

      I love how u only brag about K/D and ur K/D on ur main is 1.0, and the K/D on my main is 1.2 that right there is embarassingSilversteel left KDS because of me, you left tea party for silversteel, LAPDOG ALERT

      im not even quoting the posts u make after that where u literally go delusional and create stories

      You started personal attacks in global, then embarassed urself out of global when u realized the server was laughing at you.

      BUT keep namedropping and making posts about us, it will work, because we're still playing the game, and ur not, because why? Because you choked after begging to shotcall and then cried and quit, now u make posts like the forum warriors u used to talk shit and flex on, hypocrite much?

      Also, people are starting to see that everythin u say or type is just repeated phrases from people you think are cool, or relevant, leave the kneepads to shiro and whatnot u joke.

      Agaain, please keep namedropping about tea party and making posts about our members, because ya mayybe ur right, maybe causing forum drama will work, since no one in game gives a shit about some kid who runs two sprints and a flee open world and has less K/D than me, a cloth wearing claymore, and then proceeds to brag about K/D

      Tell ya what mack when you're done rping, come talk to people who play albion, till then go to the rp side of the forums please, and also u talk so much shit here, and all u do in game is deny duel requests (after bragging about ur pleb ass 6.3) and outside town, who knows what ur saying cuz u run two sprints and a flee lmao, the build of a man afraid to lose more K/D? lmfaoo
      I figured we would get enough PVP in the open world, and I was dueling for 55k per with some other pleb (who is actually better than you anyways)
      People scouting you for free

      You're still making stuff up as you go.

      T5 HGs bout to be LIT.

      See you there. ;)

      I'll start posting the pic of all your dead Tea Party buddies.

      I know where they run dungeons and gather.

      I taught them.

      BTW keep replying so this thread stays at the top.

      You need it. Albion needs it. We all need it.

      Mucho Gusto <3
      IGN: Nylander
    • No one would ever kick Master Looter m4ck the h4ck. @Derrick has been trying to recruit me ever since I 1v2'd and FLEED to safety.

      I'm actually recruiting quality players for Tea Party. This is just another way to generate views. In Art school they taught us how to market.

      Faaust is someone I have a lot of respect for. I'm not sure if anyone knows this but he actually taught me most of what I know.

      Therefore, I'm absolute shit at the game. Even worse than @Klien

      But I do know how to trigger children that post replies to a thread that will only hurt them.

      If you think I'm posting because it does something for me, I would rather be gathering T2 stone for Red Army.
    • m4ck schrieb:

      My only tea party 5v5 gvg

      I need everyone on the thread to watch this and see how good I am compared to these shitters. I respected @MacheteBandit and terrible calls even though I knew they were garbage and he took complete blame for the fail.

      Then they said: "M4ck you will have your own gvg team but I want to be on it and you can do all the calls lets practice hellgates"

      So I passed out a bunch of gear and tried to teach people mechanics and shot calls but to no avail... the baddies kept shouting over my deep, alpha-male voice.

      Shortly after, I left Tea Party and explained to Faaust and Haemosu it was because in the Beta I wanted to make mistakes and learn from them. I learned that if I join a bunch of fucking dummies for launch I would actually be upset with myself.

      I keep replying to this thread because it is pure gold and I want everyone who clicks on the forums to read it so they know not to join the scrubs.

      I owe it to the people of Albion.

      The more the plebs rage on this thread the more they keep it at the recent activity which gets more views than your shitty recruitment page you had the original post removed from triggering this thread.

      You let your emotions control your actions and I can trigger them with a few lines of text.

      I wont resort to personal insults because I don't actually want to make you upset although that is clearly unavoidable. I really do love your beautifully perm'd locks of hair @Faaust

      For that I'm sorry ;(

      I will quit Albion now and go play Overwatch, HoTs, Warframe, League, and Arkh... but you guys play those games more than Albion so if you let me hang around every once and a while I will be forever grateful.

      BTW... Keep posting on this thread in my absence. I will miss you all.
      Through the crucible of the Battle of Ramadi we learned that leadership is the most important thing on the battlefield; the single greatest factor in whether a team succeeds or fails.