game client crashing 16 times plus and other bugs for nivida sheild tablet user

  • game client crashing 16 times plus and other bugs for nivida sheild tablet user

    hello, im new to this but how does any one play on the tablet? the crashing is terrible. the albion client crashes at least 3 to 4 times plus just to log on every time if im on my island or a friends but if im not on my island it literally crashes 10 plus times. tonight it crashed 20 times and i finally said screw it after only playing for like 25 mins and i think i only played for about 5 of those mins then another 10 mins of more crashing. how can i even get on, how does any tablet user get on and actaully play?? i barely play even though it could be really fun because all i do is crash. i try to play for a few hours and most of the time im trying to load the game because it crashes. im not the only one. A guy who i wish was more then my friend again has the same issues, he also bought a keyboard to try to help me play more because all i have is a nivida sheild tablet and the touch keyboard does not work on the game, you cant use the keyboard, not even to log on it just flashes up and all the letters disapear. i could not talk to any one, could not sell any thing could not do any function that involved a keyboard, still could not if i did not have this bluetooth keyboard now. back to the crashing issues. The guy i mentioned about earlier has a computer however and can play with out these issues but when we try to play together, hes waiting around for me to log back on most of the time and he said its not very fun because it crashes for pretty much everything and then relogging on is a series of a bunch of crashes, its really not a fun game waiting for it to load all the time...its been quite a bit since its been realesed and it seems like it has not gotten much better at all. caused me alot of frustration, its seems like it would be a game i could really get into if it was not for all these issues.