Everything go very slow

  • Everything go very slow

    I am here to say that you must do everything faster,E.g:
    The medidation spell is way too op and we all know it and is about to change
    BUT it takes too long ,and this a game that you loose a lot and you earn a lot,so it is unfair to play like this .
    Everyday you loose people but do it all so slow,because there is no fun in the game at the monent. Too big maps too few people ,No events ,no need to go the dungeuon anymore and no more people for pvp.
    Why i have to die so many time until you change some items that are broken ,like claymore you did like 2 weeks,meditation also so much and more.
    tell me why to give time to something that have so many problems and take so much time to get fixed?

    So all that i want to say make the small changes faster don't wait to make it all together .
    because eventually we will reach a point that we will wait for 1 patch to see people again inside like (hell artifacts)