Waypoint System & Starting Out

  • Waypoint System & Starting Out

    Enjoying the game thus far, however, I dislike the current waypoint system. I get my character stuck by clicking as it won't automatically go around the object. I know this is Alpha, but I hope this will be altered so my character automatically goes around impassable objects rather than getting stuck.

    Second, I'm not sure the best way to accomplish this, but when I was looking for rabbits, I got owned by a Heretic Archer that I tried to run from. Did a corpse run then killed some rabbits avoiding that route then got annihilate by a thief elite. I believe there should at least be some sort of warning when going out of kings market for the first time. I tried exploring, and I got owned lol and had to make two corpse runs before I had a decent armor/weapon to survive with.

    Just my thoughts, enjoying the game overall.