(DISCONTINUED) - [Service] Discord Server for Out-of-Game Trade Chat & A Merchant Community

  • (DISCONTINUED) - [Service] Discord Server for Out-of-Game Trade Chat & A Merchant Community

    This discord channel has been discontinued & I deleted the discord, because the official Albion Online discord introduced a #trade channel.

    Thank you all who joined initially.

    Please use the official #trade channel on discord channel instead!

    --- original message below --

    Welcome, fellow inhabitant of the truly magical world of Albion Online!

    Let me introduce you to this project that will come to life during the next few months: Albion Trade Federation

    What is this about?


    • a merchant and trading community that aims to facilitate trade and business between players, guilds and alliances, based on the principle of neutrality
    • an out-of-game discord trade chat

    Who are you?
    • My name is @Bogul , I have been around the Albion Community since 2013 and I want to establish a trade and merchant community, because I like this kind of playstyle in sandbox games.
    What is this project about?
    • In short, I want to found a traders and merchants’ community that will act as a fundamentally neutral entity in the world of Albion Online and through this announcement, invite everyone who is interested to join.
    • Some inspiration for this idea has been drawn from the Iron Bank and from the Trade Federation. If you combine some of their descriptions, it produces a fitting description for some of the long-term goals of the project.
    Who do I want to pursue to join this community?
    • Players who like the trading and merchanting gameplay of sandbox games
    • Sellers, Buyers, Traders, Crafters, Merchants, Farmers, Transport Contractors, Trade Representatives of Guilds, Masters of Coin ...
    What are the benefits of joining the community?
    • a social network of likeminded players to hang out with
    • a dedicated discord server for out of game trade chat
    • a quick and easy communications channel to communicate to sell, buy or bulk trade items, resources or other commodities in the world of Albion Online, or just simply chat with fellow traders and businessmen and women
    What do you mean when you talk about neutrality?
    • In the world of Albion Online there is bound to be conflict between different entities in the world. The Albion Trade Federation is purely interested in facilitating business, acquiring more capital and expanding its diplomatic efforts. We want to build partnerships with every entity in the world of Albion Online, regardless of affiliation
    • To guarantee neutrality, the Albion Trade Federation will never affiliate itself with or join any alliance, unless it is its executor
    • To further guarantee its neutrality the Trade Federation will pledge to do business with any entity and never side with or against parties involved in territorial warfare or other conflicts, as long as assets held by the Trade Federation are not impacted directly
    • We are a community of peaceful trade, resource acquisition and distribution
    What are your long term goals?
    • Grow into an entity that is respected and trusted by the players of Albion Online
    • Establish a popular out-of-game trade chat discord server
    • Potentially establish non-aggression and safe passage agreements with alliances or guilds
    • Build up crafting and trade infrastructure in every city of the game that have reasonable fees for members of the community
    • Control and divide as many markets as possible among our members
    • Become the go-to entity that can provide every item in the game for the right price
    • Establish an active community that influences the world of Albion without the use of force
    • Establish a game community that is of value to its participants, either by providing ingame monetary benefits or by helping to facilitate social interaction that are regarded as fun
    • Potentially create a guild or alliance ingame if there is a reasonable need for it and if we have people who would like to manage such a group
    What are your immediate short-term goals?
    • Establish our discord channel
    • Expand on the initial idea with anyone who is willing to contribute time and energy

    How can I join?

    • Click this discord invite link: discord.gg/vfpeBUj (you need the chat & voice tool discord to open it).
    • Talk to those who are on the server and post your WTS / WTB / WTT in the respective channels.

    Forum Verified
    • If you want the ‘Forum Verified’ role, please reply to this thread with your discord#1234 name and send me a direct message on discord. I will edit your name and give you the role / perms (voice).
    Message away, join the effort if you think it’s cool and help build this!

    I am looking for any kind of help or feedback. I will monitor this thread and answer questions.

    If you think you want to troll, please go away. This is a serious RP thread and I will report you... for whatever that’s worth.




    Can I be in the community and in another guild or alliance at the same time?
    Yes. In fact, that is part of the design of this community. The only requirement is that you join our discord server.

    I don’t want to create my own guild to join the alliance. Can you invite me to a guild?
    Please read this thread again. At this point in time we are not a guild or an alliance ingame. Currently this community exists only in this forum thread and on discord.

    Will you have regular events, PvE raids, a Guild Island?
    Probably not – and if at all probably not on a regular basis. The idea of this community is not to provide you with PvE or PvP content, but to facilitate player interaction that is based on you yourself trying to reach out to other players to make contact.

    Depending on the size of the community and if we can find people who want to run it, we may at some point in the future try and set up an ingame guild and a trade and crafting infrastructure for our members.

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  • RandomZoning#0468

    my friend and I are working on doing a spreadsheet for different towns and the resources available on the marketplace. If anyone wants to pitch in on that send me a message via discord, just updating it from time to time with marketplace details from your area would be enough for us to allow you use of our time as well to make money :)
    it's still a work in progress but this is part of what we have so far;
  • MightyBeard#6118

    Nice to see there is a community like this one. Looking forward to trade with any of you. For now i can do up to T4 Fire Staffs and Cloth.

    I'll surely need a T5 Armor Crafter soon.

    Wondering if there is special prices between members of the Community.
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  • with release drawing near I want to bump this thread to look for potential new members and business partners

    I will publish a more detailed release plan soon and I am still looking for likeminded individuals who want to pursue this project with me

    get in contact with me on discord if you want to talk!

    I will be forming a guild to formerly represent ATF in Albion Online come release