CommonCents is recruiting the right people and also looking for allies

  • CommonCents is recruiting the right people and also looking for allies

    Our Moto is PEOPLE over pixels. Which means we invest in you as a person and player. We want to teach you and give you the tools you need to the money you can so easily earn and then use that money to have all kinds of fun. We also want people to learn the game and enjoy playing it, this includes dueling, fighting mechanics, trading strategy, gather and crafting tips, and eventually open world and hell gate combat. The guild operates on certain principles which drive us to be efficient, precise, and effective, in everything we do we strive to excel.

    We are a small but tight guild of a few vets that have played since the middle of last November or longer. ATM we have no allies but that will change soon. We have about 40 members and picking up a few here than there every day. Common Cents is a money making guild. At least for now. We focus on teamwork so that we both ride the gold market and also craft to make money. We gather and pve and sometimes pvp as well. We are disciplined, helpful, generous, mature, structured, fun loving, bunch of market manipulators and crafters, with solid plans to accomplish set goals for this beta and upon launch. Even though Common Cents has a solid background in money making and crafting and gathering we still have very experience members in both higher tier raid pve and PVE. And because we are so damn wealthy we can afford to run in good gear at all times.

    Our Time Zones are more so NA times but we also have members all across the world.

    Our guild keep no money in the guild bank. As the GM of the guild I focus on getting each individual player as rich as they can through certain things I teach them about the game. This way it give me the lee way to make members Master of Coin so that when they need to transfer money or get a loan it can be done so easily. All members have an equal say in guild or alliance affairs. Often times I will recruit a new guy (we know nothing about) and use my personal judgement (after they have gone through the interview process and spent some time with us in game and in TS) and set their Rank to officer so they be allowed to invite new people. If they do that job well and give interviews and help monitor (on a basic level that recruits behavior, weather or not they will be a good fit in the guild) I will set that Officer to master of coin. Which if you run Alt's does make life easier.

    We have a 20% tax rate and rarely if ever go a pve run where it jumps to 30% to pay for certain things. One example is our member About30ninajz after having helped him craft a few popular items in game he can, now with the help of the guild and our system, making about 10k gold per hour of active play time. Our guild and assets are worth about as much as guilds with 200 players if not more. We have some very decent numbers people and tools/software we wrote to help own the market. We are also crafting about 1/2 the items in the game right now and most of that is T5 plus. I am currently myself on T7 mounts and T7 foods but have trouble finding and of those buildings in the world.

    For now we run out of Honister PAss and being a trading guild takes us all around the world as well. When we pvp we usually run out of Ice melt or near HP. In HP we have every type of building you can think of for crafting T6 (save alchemist). For our members we have just a 8-20% tax rate on these building which is much cheaper than the others in town and helps you make more money while still providing $ to the guild to pay for the food.

    We are seeking out Mature members who are at least 18+ years old and act like it on a regular basis. Members need to speak English well and are required to join TS and have a working mic and go through an interview before they can join. Even if you join muted and silence so long as you are in TS ( while on Albion) and can speak English you are meeting one of our basic rules, of which we only have 3 main rules. We also run an auction house out of HP where you sell our goods to our members and other that have access at a reduced rate of the normal market. This is usually 15-30% cheaper than the fair market value. These are main rules if you will.

    The guild is run of a system which includes Elder Councils, Councils, and Members. Everyone has a vote on most matters. It is a form of Republic and thus the Council members are elected each month by general votes. All voting on all issues are done through Slack. If you do not participate in Slack you do not get to vote. Slack keeps the voting process open and not able to be manipulated. *Currently till the guild is more active this system of leadership is not really active ATM we are relaying on Vet members to discuss important matters. This system of leadership will be active once activity and population pick up or at the latest upon Release of the game.

    If you want to learn the mechanics of the game or just how to dominate markets and how to get rich through gold trade or crafting. You might to join us. We love teaching the Albion Community all aspects of the game. Right now the guild's main focus is on making money and crafting while it is so easy to do so. However in by week 6 or 7 from this beta launch we will have enough money to stop making this our focus and will be able to run the best gear in Hell Gate or Open World (including relic chest) which will be our new focus along with PVE runs.

    If you are tired of being a poor slave gathering and giving all to your guild. A crafter that makes high end gear to see it squandered away on some "elite" GvG team that all to often throws your gear away because they lack any real composition or tactics. Or maybe you are just tired of paying 40% + on your pve runs in Taxes. Maybe you are just tired of never getting to have a say in the direction of your guild or alliance. Or Maybe you are just wanting to learn about the game and get rich while playing you might have what it takes to find a wonderful group of people to play with in CommonCents. .

    Potential allies

    To any other small guilds or any alliances we are looking for people to ally with or Merge in us if you think you would be a good fit please pm Felagunda in game and we can talk. Or any other Market Manipulating guild out there wish to join efforts in manipulating markets please contact me as well. We are looking for allies in with blackzone holdings as well. We are super rich and help fund your people's play time and make life for your guild or alliance easier. In particular we looking for people that like to get paid to be caravans guards as well to help get the mats or gear needed to wherever it is going or even to other markets to make huge profits.

    If you wish to know more send in game Mail to Felagunda and I will bring you in our TS for a chat so we can get to know each other. Good luck to everyone and I hope you all find a good guild and keep playing this Game because it's a great game and we need each other to make it fun.

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  • Guild is slowly growing. Great guild I am proud to say in the 3 months we been around we have only had 5 players leave the guild. All of which save 1 have left the game for good too.

    We do own territories. We do have tons of black zone fun. We are still looking for the right type of members. We are also no in a very large and active alliance the INC alliance. Which gives us plenty of people at all time zones to run with.

    We have 3-8 people on daily at all times (almost). And the guild leader is extremely helpful with his time and reasources and has taught me so much in game.