Constant disconnects and lag

  • Constant disconnects and lag

    Hello all,
    Experiencing random disconnects at random intervals. No real pattern but appear to happen during the day for me. When i try to log back in im regularly greeted with the error "someone else is logged into your account" or something similar. After numerous tries im usually allowed back onto my account.

    These disconnects occur when there is server lag. I start teleporting around and there is noticeable lag. I usually get about 30mins play before this occurs.

    1. I dont use a vpn. 2. its not my comp or internet (i have a 100mbps line and its fine) 3. its not antivirus / software 4. ive read the forums and google in an attempt to find a fix however everything suggests its server side and it probs should be fixed asap or people will drop this game like a hot potato. Im aware its in beta and this is why im making this post so hopefully they see this issue and fix it!!!!

    Good luck and StayZero
  • Me and a few others have been having a similar issue, the only thing I've heard in terms of a developer response was that one of the guys having this issue got in contact with someone from SI and they said it wasn't their issue. Personally, the only thing I have issues with is Albion, other multiplayer games/MMOs work, every other thing I use involving the internet is fine, hell even when I'm playing Albion and talking on TS, I'll get DC'd from Albion but will still be talking to my friends on TS without issue. Seems to me that it's an issue with the server or something, but if SI is just gonna say "not our problem" and ignore it, I don't have much hope that anything will be done about it.
  • I'm playing since you started this beta and never had problems , but today I started having the same problems as you mentioned , the game disconnects and can not return , try to login several times until get and where do I then disconnects again , any solution for improve this?
  • Hi, I have same problems in main time (18:00-23:00) in Czech Republic last 3 days and my internet and ping is ok (no packet lost, ping 10 ms to
    Instead of 130ms ping in game i have 250+- ms, spikes, disconnects. And I am not alone, some ppl from my guild have same problems.

    Please help us. We can't play.
  • I've been connected now for over an hour, maybe close to 2, with no issues. I've had a similar experience before, in the last beta, where I would be constantly disconnected one day, though nothing would be wrong with my internet connection, and it would suddenly work again the next day.
  • Hi guys/girls, thanks for the replies. Again tonight getting crippling lag then disconnects. Making the game unplayable. Disconnects occurring a few minutes apart. Net is stable and like other users report other net based programs are not disconnecting. Wish i had more info to share. Im in Australia :D
  • I get booted to login a few times each day, all within 15-20 minute periods. I also get lag spikes every 10 seconds or so for 3-4 seconds, this lasts in periods of 30-60mins.

    I have a fibre optic line so was wondering if maybe I need to reinstall the game?
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  • UP

    any comment on this issue?
    I´m getting booted at least once a day. sometimes up to 5 times for no reason
    (everything else runs flawlessly, isnt even the provider, pretty sure of that. no disconnect according to the router-log, and no package-loss or anything like that in Teamspeak at the same time)

    it started happening after patch#2. dont remember having it that extreme before that (and I pushed a few more hours the first few days aswell^^)
  • Hi,

    The bad news first: I cannot comment on individual disconnects. This does not seem be a general problem; we have multiple machines running Albion 24/7 and almost never see any disconnects. The likely reasons for disconnects are your internet provider (e.g. 24-hour-disconnect), your Wifi (lots of wireless networds in the building = unstable) etc.
    This may not be a very satifying answer, but - if you get a lot of disconnects, the problem is somewhere on "your" side, it's not our server.

    The good news: with the next major update you will be able to reconnect into your character immediately, no more "Someone is already logging in".

  • MadDave wrote:

    This may not be a very satifying answer, but - if you get a lot of disconnects, the problem is somewhere on "your" side, it's not our server.
    easy for you to say
    but since you´re a "Tech Lead" - got any advice on how to figure out the problem? is there some way to monitor the connection a bit more detailed?

    my disconnects happen only on albion - everything else runs fine, no laggs/connection problems whatsoever.
    (during that period I sometimes also cant reach the forums, while other tabs/sites reload just fine)