• Percyvelle wrote:

    I feel like the execute it a great way to give players a second chance. If there is a 10v10 group and you get downed but not excuted then one of your party members could try to gaurd your body while others try to push back the crowd to so that you will not be executed.

    I like the mechanic.
    But even if there isnt execution system u have second chance to get up by revive flask ! so this point its totaly usseles cuz your friends can get u up with that.
    Basicaly it look for me that u are just woried about your gear and take revive flask in your inventory.

    Someone playing for kills ,someone for kill fame,someone just for items.
    But ranged like bows,fire staffs ect. Have just kill fame if they are lucky and stay close.They dont have a chance to loot anything,they dont have chance to kill someone in group fight.
    another thing :
    If there is a massive fight this execute system just stop moving whole party in fight cuz everyone want the kill or loot or fame for kill.So fight is not so dynamics as it was in beta 1.

    And there is another issue with execute.
    If i knock someone and go for anothe target,then anybody who arent part of my group or dont put a effort to knock this target can steal my kill and loot! T
    There should be restriction for that.If u arent in my party and i knock someone u cant execute and loot someone for some time.

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  • MasterZedX wrote:

    Here's a list of things i don't like about the whole execute system.

    1. It has a cast time, a long cast time at that too.

    2. There's no ranged execute, so range classes are fucked getting fame in group fights.

    3. Anybody can execute your kill, even someone not involved in the fight can take your kill and get the fame & loot.

    4. Once you start casting it, you can't cancel it.

    5. It's considered a skill, so for instance you cast flee, get silenced, you can't cast execute, you're fucked.

    IMO, remove it, atleast in the black zone, it has no place here and makes the whole PK/PvP process annoying. Just make your game cool and enjoyable not unnecessarily monotonous and annoying.
    Honestly, the mechanic is ok, just not how it's implemented currently.

    My suggestion to change it? The execute happens very quickly and is most of the time impossible to stop, so it's just another step that has no counter play really.

    How about if you take damage it breaks the execute. That way Revive Staffs and revive potions could actually be seen in pvp and there could be counter play. Guarding a corpse while people try to gank becomes a focal point of a fight, and there should be tactics involved. I'll link another game that has the same mechanic. Where this exact thing happens.

    Outnumbered, a member gets dropped. I have to control the body with melee and blinds. Then I pull enough aggro while another teammate clutches the revive.
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  • Dragis wrote:



    Every1 fuckin happy
    Great idea Love it, I Quit before they put in this feature and I did say It would ruin pvp in a way on one of my posts, Ive seen so many people lose like 1v2 or where they should have at least lived and gotten away but had to execute and died because of it, If i remember correctly alot of the community did say no to this system but SI put it in anyway so I doubt they will remove it really serves no purpose other then pve.