Winter is not coming with this frost staff

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  • Winter is not coming with this frost staff

    Alright so I've played frost staff from the beggining of the fist beta all the way to here and I must say....very disappointing.

    Here are the things I've noticed in first beta
    -Good dps from it's Q, had a good speed cast damage balance
    -distance wasn't that good at all, needed to get pretty close in order for cast, but once you started to cast it would still cast even if got out of distance

    -Good damage from the W with a great slow, however the circle was small which made sense for balance
    -No one uses frost nova, might as well take it out of game or make it worth having

    -From the glacial: the E was AMAZING! Had a great cast speed to it, the distance and speed of movement was good for zerg vs zerg and gvg, slow was PERFECT and the damage made it so u really didn't want to risk running into it!
    -From the great: the E was so-so, was not as valuable compared to the glacial since the hail only fell twice
    -From the 1-hand: the E was actually better than the great when came to 1v1 or gvg, the tome made it balance for the energy drain

    Here are the things I've noticed in last beta:
    -Dps on Q is so-so, the energy doesn't drain as much but the damage and slow are almost unnoticeable, speed of cast is about the same
    -Distance I believe got even worse? Made it even more of a risk, especially since in this beta speed and armor are everything now, so range need as much distance as possible.

    -W is Alright, the area of effect was increased, however the slow and damage was decreased by a little I've noticed, I like how it is honestly.
    -The frost Nova, sad to say, still useless, not seeing any future to it, if wanted to freeze they can instantly break out of it with a charge, leap, cleanse, etc

    -From Glacial the E: Basically it's sad to say but "Nerfed to Hell"...The spot where cast, u are in the area which is good if the guy is right on top of u, but a frost mage would never cast that long spell with a melee on the user so no point having at the point where it appears. Should go back to the spot it appears from first beta I suggest. The speed of cast feels a little longer, but makes sense if a powerful spell, problem however is not powerful damage at all. The damage is now stacks, which they did at the end of first beta which was when the nerfing seemed to take the largest effect. Stacks make it less of a threat if one can just burst right through it, with speed as it is now and heavy armor, people can just walk right through them. Distance traveled is nice, seems the same if not a little further, but the speed of it actually seems a little fast for it to have any effect on an area. Possible keep the speed if make some changes as to where the AOE spawns.

    -From Great the E: Actually now the better of the 3, the E allows for an instant AOE giving the user a total of 2 instants, which have good damage and slow. However do to it being an instant, the energy that the user spends is INSANE! you are dried up after the first times u cast both with a few Ws. SO high risk for good damage, but if damage isn't enough to take one down then no point if can't cast spells after.

    -From 1-hand the E: Actually interesting idea, however same as frost nova which as said above the opponent can break out of it too quickly, especially if damaged it breaks, so no real world application unless trying to open world which as it is now, a death sentence.

    -SO OVER ALL I GIVE IT A "D+" as it is now, not worth having in game when as i said multiple times, SPEED AND ARMOR is what's makes this weapon useless as to the point of using this weapon is being able to slow the opponent down enough to make it difficult to reach the caster, now with the nerf the weapon is the most useless of the 3 staffs for dps, as well as being maybe the only weapon the had the most important job in a zerg, but due to the large increase in the size of zones, the AOEs are very easy to dodge and make it a dodge then charge tactic, some even choose to stay inside because of the decrease in damage of spells and slows.

    "He rules the frost therefore he is their king." - God