Hour of Turmoil - Not Returning to AO Join us on LoL

  • Sojh's app:

    Ingame Name: don't have one "yet"

    Time Zone: Central

    Previous MMO experience if any:razor naga gaming mouse. BIG pvper in D2, played on and off for 8 years .. Currently active everyday in mmo's like lol, Tera, and arcane legends on iOS

    What are you primarily looking for in a guild: I'm looking for friends that are serious about the mmo community mostly speaking the Albion community =) and awesome pvp content and help for end game gear as in how to acquire etc not talking about frees or anything lol

    What can you offer HoT: I'm very active and honestly I'm really getting tired of always being a lone wolf in mmo's like Tera I joined a guild my first day played witeveryone till like 6 am lol then the next day, poof!! Everyone gone and I haven't seen anyone online since .. But neways, on what I've read about how u guys dominated on Tera is wat I really like about hots and being a competitive top tier d2 pvper myself I feel that this guild will be the top pvp guild in the world of Albion if not one of the top guilds!!!