Thank you for this lovely game & pls do not listen TOO much to softcore sentiments

  • Jeradj wrote:

    Seriously wrote:

    @Jeradj My guild zero quality has about 15 core players that actually contribute to the guild in a meaningful way, we never group up and 'zerg' people or any of that, so here's your call. Everything we do is out solo gathering, solo EVERYHING
    Yeah, sorry bud, but bullshit.You're also in Exodia alliance, which without actually counting, is certainly in the top 10 zerg alliances in the game at the moment.
    Think you would have any territory, at all, if you tried fighting them instead of dick grabbing?

    You complain the game is boring, but it's *you* that chose to just surround yourself with allies and turn the battleground into a giant pve sandbox for your alliance.


    as long as we're on the subject, it's the alliance/guild sizes and the alt system that are really breaking the game atm, *not* the map size, travel times, and so on.
    We are no part of 'exodia' alliance and i have no idea what you're talking about.

    You are completely confused here buddy, our alliance is called zerg police, and 1 of our allies is on the other side of the continent.

    It's really easy to click on zero quality, (we are 2nd or 3rd for pvp fame currently) and see that we are part of the alliance "Zerg Police"

    I mean i knew you were dumb, but to be unable to tell what alliance a guild is in? REALLY?!?!?!?!?
  • Seriously wrote:

    Jeradj wrote:

    Seriously wrote:

    You idiotic oxcart tycoon softcore bitches have taken the pvp out of the game with your crying.
    It's hilarious to me that you think you're hardcore when the pinnacle of a pvp situation for you is ganking gatherers.
    Maybe step up to the big boys plate and start fighting someone worth fighting.

    Cry me a river if you have a hard time finding solo gatherers cause it takes too much walking.

    You're a carebear, bro. Carebears Shine!
    @Jeradj It's hilarious to me that you were somehow able to misinterpret anything that i have said as thinking that i go out ganking gatherers. I AM A GATHERER and i find it BORING that NO ONE EVER ATTEMPTS TO GANK ME, There is NO challange to it and it is far to easy to go walking and gathering for hours through zones completely uncontested by any player attempting to kill me.
    You are a complete noob and you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Maybe step up to the bigboy plate and join a relevant guild and then come talk to me.
    Seriously. Go to Black zone man, Seriouly!!!!!!!!!! Killing gatherers in red and yellow and complaining walks to much for one gank? If you are a true hardcore player, just go to Black zone to skirmish guild's solo members in their territory man. Stop carebearing in YELLOW.